ca. 1864-1865

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Restrictions on Access

Use of the originals is restricted. This collection is available as color digital facsimiles (see links below).

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This collection consists of carte de visite portraits of members of the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment, taken during the Civil War.

Collection Description

This collection consists of a photograph album containing 46 carte de visite photographs of officers in the 5th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment. Included are photographs of Charles Francis Adams, Jr., Edward Jarvis Bartlett, Charles Pickering Bowditch, Henry Pickering Bowditch, Daniel Henry Chamberlain, Patrick Tracy Jackson, and others. The Charles Francis Adams, Jr. carte de visite is autographed by Adams. An index identifies all but one of the photographs, but photographers are not identified. The cover of the album is embossed: "Col. H. S. Russell. 5th Mass Cavalry." Henry S. Russell was a colonel in the regiment and may have gathered or collected the photographs.


The photographs in this collection are arranged in the order in which they appear in the album. In the front of the album there is an Index to Portraits. This information is transcribed below as captions.

Acquisition Information

Acquired by purchase, April 2010.

Restrictions on Access

Use of the originals is restricted. This collection is available as color digital facsimiles (see links below).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Vol. 1Indexdigitized
Index to Portraits
Vol. 1#228.1 digitized
Charles Frances Adams, Jr., ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "1. Chas. F. Adams Jr. Lt. Col"

Vol. 1#228.2 digitized
Horace N. Weld, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "2. H. N. Weld Major"

Vol. 1#228.3 digitized
Zabdia B. Adams, 1864.

Caption: "3. Z. B. Adams Major"

Vol. 1#228.4 digitized
Henry Pickering Bowditch, ca. 1864-1865

Caption: "4. H. P. Bowditch Major"

Vol. 1#228.5 digitized
James S. Newell, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "5. Jas. S. Newell Adj."

Vol. 1#228.6 digitized
Daniel Henry Chamberlain, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "6. D. N. Chamberlain Com."

Vol. 1#228.7 digitized
Edward H. Adams, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "7. Ed. H. Adams Q. M."

Vol. 1#228.8 digitized
Harlow Gamwell, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "8. H. Gamwell Surg"

Vol. 1#228.9 digitized
D. H. Parker, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "9. D. H. Parker Ass. Surg."

Vol. 1#228.10 digitized
Albert R. Howe, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "10. A. R. Howe Capt. C. A"

Vol. 1#228.11 digitized
Andrew Chapman, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "11. A. Chapman 1st Lt Co. A"

Vol. 1#228.12 digitized
Henry R. Hinckley, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "12. Hinckley 2d Lt. Co. A"

Vol. 1#228.13 digitized
Cyrus C. Emery, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "13. C. C. Emery Capt. Co. B"

Vol. 1#228.14 digitized
Rienzi Loud, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "14. R. Loud 1st Lt Co. B"

Vol. 1#228.15 digitized
Charles H. Wheeler, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "15. C. H. Wheeler 2d Lt. Co. B"

Vol. 1#228.16 digitized
Horace B. Welch, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "16. H. B. Welch Capt. Co. C"

Vol. 1#228.17 digitized
George A. Fisher, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "17. G. A. Fisher 1st Lt. Co. C"

Vol. 1#228.18 digitized
Charles C. Parsons, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "18. C. C. Parsons Capt. Co D"

Vol. 1#228.19 digitized
R. M. Higginson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "19. R. M. Higginson 1st Lt. Co. D"

Vol. 1#228.20 digitized
John H. George, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "20. George 2d Lt Co. D"

Vol. 1#228.21 digitized
James. L. Wheat, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "21. J. L. Wheat Capt. Co. E"

Vol. 1#228.22 digitized
Abram O. Swain, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "22. A. O. Swain 1st Lt Co. E"

Vol. 1#228.23 digitized
Edward J. Barlett, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "23. E. J. Bartlett 2d Lt Co. E"

Vol. 1#228.24 digitized
Charles E. Allan, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "24. C. E. Allan Capt. Co F."

Vol. 1#228.25 digitized
Abner F. Mallory, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "25. A. F. Mallory 1st Lt. Co F."

Vol. 1#228.26 digitized
Frederick W. Kimball, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "26. F. L. Kimball 2d Lt. Co F"

Vol. 1#228.27 digitized
Hiram E. W. Clark, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "27. H. E. W. Clark Capt. Co. G"

Vol. 1#228.28 digitized
Curtis Whittemore, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "28. C. Whittemore 1st Lt. Co. G"

Vol. 1#228.29 digitized
Robert S. Oliver, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "29. R. S. Oliver 2d Lt. Co G"

Vol. 1#228.30 digitized
J. Anderson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "30. J. Anderson Capt. Co. I"

Vol. 1#228.31 digitized
Patrick Tracy Jackson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "31. P. T. Jackson 1st Lt Co. I"

Vol. 1#228.32 digitized
John G. White, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "32. J. G. White 2d Lt Co I"

Vol. 1#228.33 digitized
Peter J. Rooney, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "33. P. J. Rooney Capt. Co. H"

Vol. 1#228.34 digitized
J. Davenport Fisher, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "34. D. Fisher 1st Lt Co. H"

Vol. 1#228.35 digitized
Windsor Hatch, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "35. Hatch 2d Lt. Co. H"

Vol. 1#228.36 digitized
Francis Lee Higginson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "36. F. L. Higginson Capt. Co. K"

Vol. 1#228.37 digitized
George D. Odell, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "37. Odell 1st Lt. Co. K"

Vol. 1#228.38 digitized
Francis L. Gilman, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "38. F. L. Gilman Capt. Co. L"

Vol. 1#228.39 digitized
Curt Gurdsdorff, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "39. C. Gersdorf 1st. Lt. Co L"

Vol. 1#228.40 digitized
Charles Nicholson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "40. Nicholson 2d Lt. Co L"

Vol. 1#228.41 digitized
Cornelius Kaler, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "41. C. Kaler Capt. Co. M."

Vol. 1#228.42 digitized
George F. Wilson, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "42. Wilson 2st Lt Co M."

Vol. 1#228.43 digitized
Robert M. Parker, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "43. Parker 2d Lt. Co M"

Vol. 1#228.44 digitized
George E. Osborne, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "44. Geo. E. Osborne ex. Surg."

Vol. 1#228.45 digitized
Charles Pickering Bowditch, ca. 1864-1865.

Caption: "45. C. P. Bowditch ex. Capt. Co F"

Vol. 1#228.46 digitized
[George E. Osborne], ca. 1864-1865.

No caption.

Preferred Citation

5th Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment carte de visite album, Photo. Coll. 228, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Adams, Charles Francis, 1835-1915--Photographs.
Bartlett, Edward Jarvis, 1842-1914--Photographs.
Bowditch, Charles P. (Charles Pickering), 1842-1921--Photographs.
Bowditch, H. P. (Henry Pickering), 1840-1911--Photographs.
Chamberlain, Daniel Henry, 1835-1907--Photographs.
Jackson, Patrick Tracy, 1844-1918--Photographs.
Russell, Henry Sturgis, 1838-1905--Photographs.


United States. Army. Massachusetts Cavalry Regiment, 5th (1862-1865)--Photographs.


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Cartes de visite.
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Photographs.