1861-ca. 1930

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Collection Summary


Photographs of General Clarence Ransom Edwards, his family, and his diplomatic and military associates.

Biographical Sketch

Clarence Ransom Edwards (1859-1931) was the eldest son of prominent merchant William and Lucia (Ransom) Edwards of Cleveland, Ohio, and brother of Harry, Lucia, and Kate. Clarence, the nephew of Union Civil War hero Oliver Edwards, seemed destined for a military career. He attended the Brooks Military Academy and graduated from West Point in 1883, ranked 52nd in a class of 52. His lack of academic prowess, however, did not limit his later achievements.

His military career was wide-ranging, beginning with a commission as second lieutenant and a posting at Fort Union, New Mexico, followed by duty at Fort Porter in Buffalo, New York, where he met and married Bessie Rochester Porter in 1889. The couple had one daughter, Bessie Porter Edwards, who died at age 21 while in training to be an army nurse. During the Spanish-American War, Edwards served in the Philippines (1898-1900) and afterwards became Chief of the Bureau of Insular Affairs (1900-1912). He was politically well connected, and his close associates included future President William Howard Taft and Secretary of War Jacob Dickinson. In 1912, Edwards was assigned to regular army duty, commanding the 6th Brigade at Fort D. A. Russell in Wyoming and Texas City, Texas, before being sent to Hawaii to command the 1st Brigade. In 1915, he was ordered to Panama as commander of U.S. forces there.

After the American declaration of war on Germany in 1917, Edwards was given command of the 26th "Yankee" Division and authorized to gather National Guard troops from New England. He took his division to France, where they saw action against German forces at Chemin des Dames, Bois Brule, Seicheprey, Chateau Thierry, St. Mihiel, and the Argonne Forest. Edwards was relieved of duty just seventeen days before the armistice and ordered home by General John J. Pershing who objected to Edwards "unmilitary" style of command. This exile only increased Edwards's popularity with his troops who referred to him as "Daddy." After the war, he was mentioned as a possible candidate for public office.

From 1918 to 1920, Edwards again headed the Northeastern Department of the Army; he was promoted to major general in 1922 and retired from the army and lived out his retirement at "Doneroving," a farm in Westwood, Massachusetts. The general remained in touch with many members of his former Yankee Division and continued to push for official recognition of the division's accomplishments in battle. He was especially active in the movements for universal military training and against prohibition in the 1920s. He also served as chairman of the board of his father's Cleveland business and was a strong proponent of airship commerce. He died from complications resulting from an intestinal obstruction on 14 February 1931 and is buried with his wife and daughter at Arlington National Cemetery.


Shay, Michael E. Revered Commander, Maligned General: The Life of Clarence Ransom Edwards, 1859-1931. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 2011.

Collection Description

The Clarence Ransom Edwards photographs comprise images of Edwards's family, friends, and military and political associates from throughout his life. The collection includes images from Edwards's trips and postings abroad, including photographs of Korea and Japan taken while on tour with William H. Taft; photographs of the Philippines, Panama, California, and other military postings; and many unidentified photographs. Several photographs document the return of Edwards and the Yankee Division from World War I and Edwards's retirement as a gentleman farmer. The collection also includes several unidentified photographs of babies and children, the offspring of "Daddy" Edwards's Yankee Division.

Acquisition Information

Gift of the Clarence Ransom Edwards estate through John W. Hyatt, 1932. Additions were a gift of the Bessie Hale Hawes estate through David Lee, 2002.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Portraits

This series contains portraits of Clarence Ransom Edwards and various family members, as well as military and political associates. Unidentified portraits are listed at the end of each section.

Individual portraits

OS Box 1#264.378
Albert I, King of Belgium (1875-1934), 1918
OS Box 1#264.379
Allaire, W. H., 1908Taken by S'Ora, Wien.
Box 1#264.01
Barnes, D. Oliver, June 1924
Box 1#264.02
Bellinger, John B. (1862-1931), November 1922Front inscribed: "To Betsey and Clarence with love from Johnnie B. February 14th, 1923." Verso inscribed: "John Bellinger Bellinger, Brigadier General, Quartermaster Corps. Taken November 1922."
Box 1#264.03
Bliss, Tasker H. (1853-1930), undatedInscribed: "Very sincerely Your friend Tasker H. Bliss."
Box 1#264.04
Borah, William E. (1865-1940), ca. 1927Taken by Harris & Ewing for the Roosevelt Club, Boston.
Box 1#264.05
Boyle, Terence J.,ca. 1920?Taken by W. R. Harrison, Jersey City.Inscribed: "To Major General Clarence R. Edwards--the soldier and the man--loyal and true--the ideal of my youth and the inspiration of my manhood, with best wishes from one of his old boys at Fordham, Terence J. Boyle S.J."
Box 1#264.06
Brittain, William S., ca. 1917Taken by F. Green, Boston.Copy of obituary notice pasted to mount.
Box 1#264.07
Carpenter, Fred W., 1908Taken by Harris & Ewing.Inscribed: "For my friend Mrs. Clarence Edwards. With the sincere regard of Fred W. Carpenter May 1, 1910."
Box 1#264.08
Cary, Dr., undated

Photograph of a man on horseback performing a cavalry maneuver known as "lemon slicing." A label affixed to the back of the print explains the move.

Box 1#264.09
Colgan, George A. J.,1861Postcard reproduction of a photograph dated April 19, '61.
Box 1#264.10
Cook, Stanley D., ca. 1917Verso inscribed: "Sergt. Stanley D. Cook, enlisted in 301st F. S. Bat."
Box 1#264.11
Cootes, Harvey N., ca. 191.Taken by International, Manila.
OS Box 1#264.380
Crabtree, Lotta (1847-1924), ca. 1880Taken by C. G. Wynn and Co., Detroit, Michigan.
OS Box 1#264.381
Edwards, Bessie Porter (1898-1918), ca. 1917
Box 1#264.12
Edwards, Bessie Rochester Porter (1868-1929), ca. 1922Taken by Bachrach.
Box 1#264.13
[Unidentified woman, possibly Bessie Rochester Porter Edwards or Lucia Edwards (b. 1869)], ca. 1889Taken by Theodore Endean, Cleveland, Ohio.
Box 1#264.14-264.15
Edwards, Clarence Ransom (1859-1931), ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, N.Y.

Cabinet photographs of Edwards as a Cadet at West Point.

Box 1#264.16
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1900-1903

Edwards in uniform during his tenure in the Bureau of Insular Affairs.

Box 1#264.17-264.18
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1900-1903

Edwards in civilian clothing, sitting behind a desk.

Box 1#264.19-264.24
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1900-1903Taken by Gilbert Studios, Philadelphia Washington & Atlantic City.

Formal portraits of Edwards, different poses, taken at the same sitting.

Box 1#264.25
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1905Photograph of a drawing dated 1905.
Box 1#264.26
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1910?

Edwards, in uniform, with horse.

Box 1#264.27
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1910?
Box 1#264.28
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1915-1917Photograph affixed to an envelope sent to Edwards while on duty in the Panama Canal Zone.
Box 1#264.29
Edwards, Clarence R., 1917Taken by Jennings.
Box 1#264.30-264.31
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1917-1918Taken by J. E. Purdy & Co., Boston.
Box 1#264.32
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1917-1918

Edwards, in uniform, walks alongside a flag-draped coffin on horse-drawn hearse.

Box 1#264.33-264.34
Edwards, Clarence R., 1919

Edwards, on horseback, leads the 1919 Yankee Division Parade through the streets of Boston.

Box 1#264.35
Edwards, Clarence R., July 1920
Box 1#264.36-264.38
Edwards, Clarence R., 1920Taken by R. W. Sears, Boston.

Edwards performing various tasks around his farm.

Box 1#264.39-40
Edwards, Clarence R., 1920sTaken by the Boston Transcript.

Edwards working on the farm.

Box 1#264.41
Edwards, Clarence R., 1922
Box 1#264.42
Edwards, Clarence R., 1922Taken by Marceau Studios, Boston.Inscribed: "To my friend Lindsay Hale ... Aug. 1922 ... C. R. Edwards."
Box 1#264.43
Edwards, Clarence R., Nov. 1922Verso inscribed: "Taken at the steps of the Beta Tau house, Tufts College, Massachusetts, November 17, 1922."
Box 1#264.44
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1920sPhotograph of a print or painting.
OS Box 1#264.382-264.383
Edwards, Clarence R., ca. 1920?Taken by Underwood & Underwood, Washington, D.C.
OS Box 1#264.384
Edwards, Clarence R., in uniform, standing with horse, ca. 1918
OS Box 1#264.385
Edwards, Clarence R., in uniform, seated, 1922Taken by Marceau, Boston.
OS Box 1#264.386
Edwards, Clarence R., seated by a fireplace, late 1920sSmall photograph of stone cabin pasted on mat.
Box 1#264.45-264.46
[Unidentified man, probably Harry Ransom Edwards (b. 1862)], ca. 1885Taken by Theodore Endean, Cleveland, Ohio.
Box 1#264.47
Edwards, Lucia Ransom (1833-1914), ca. 1890s
Box 1#264.48
Edwards, William (1831-1898), undated

Col. William Edwards driving a horse drawn carriage.

Box 1#264.49
Farley, John H., undatedInscribed: "To General Edwards. A specimen of that funny thing called a Jesuit--John [illegible] Farley, S.J."
Box 1#264.50
Forbes, W. Cameron (1870-1959), 1904Taken by J. E. Purdy, Boston, Mass.Inscribed: "To Col. Clarence R. Edwards with the respects of W. Cameron Forbes."
Box 1#264.51
Greenlaw, Albert E., ca. 1919Taken by G. Frank Radway for the Boston American.
Box 1#264.52
Griart, Monsieur de, undatedTaken by Langdon, Chicago.
OS Box 1#264.387
Haller, Jozef (1873-1960), 1923
Box 1#264.53
Harbold, Robert P., ca. 1919?Taken by R. W. Sears.
Box 1#264.54
Harbord, James Guthrie, 1910Taken by International, Manila.Inscribed: "Yours faithfully J. G. Harbord Asst. Chief P. C. Manila 1910."
Box 1#264.55
Harwood, Ralph W., 1917-1918Verso inscribed: "Ralph W. Harwood Barre, Mass. 2nd Lieut. 102d Inf., 26th Division A.E.F."
Box 1#264.56
Infant son of Clarence Elmer Heller, after 1919Taken by Wagner, Philadelphia, Penn.Inscribed to Edwards by Clarence Elmer Heller, who served with Edwards during World War I.
OS Box 1#264.388
Herzog, Stanley J., 1918
Box 1#264.57
Hiroyasu, Prince Fushimi (1875-1946), undatedTaken by R. Maruki, Japan.
Box 1#264.58
Hodge, Leslie R., 1917Inscribed: "Sergt. Leslie R. Hodge Co. F. 101st Inf. A.E.F. Killed in action, Sep. 12, 1918 St. Mihiel France. YD"
Box 1#264.59
Irving, Isabel, 1900Taken by Sarony, New York.
Box 1#264.60
Lawton, Henry Ware (1843-1899), [ca. 1890]Taken by Falk, New York.
OS Box 1#264.389
Lawton, Henry Ware, 1898 or 1899
Box 1#264.61
Lind, Jenny (1820-1887), undatedPhotograph of a ca. 1850 engraving.
Box 1#264.62
Mallory, John Skinner (1857-1932), 1917Taken by L. M. Williams, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Box 1#264.63
McDonald, John Bacon (1859-1927), [ca. 1917]
Box 1#264.64
Miller, Oliver C., [ca. 1900?]Taken by Imperial Studio, San Francisco.
Box 1#264.65
Newell, John III at six weeks, 1925
Box 1#264.66-264.68
O'Brien, Joseph P., ca. 1917-1922
Box 1#264.69-264.70
Parker, Lieutenant, 1917

Two snapshots of Lieutenant Parker jumping with his horse Doughboy.

Box 1#264.71
Pendleton, Andrew L., ca. 1920Taken by Thurston Hatcher, Atlanta.
Box 1#264.72-264.73
Phipps, Frank H., 1900
Box 1#264.74
Roosevelt, Theodore (1858-1919), 1918Copyright, Baker Art Gallery.
OS Box 1#264.390
Root, Elihu (1845-1937), ca. 1920?
Box 1#264.75
Satterlee, Herbert, 1909
OS Box 1#264.391
Schwartz, Joe, 1908
Box 1#264.76
Taft, William Howard (1857-1930), ca. 1905
Box 1#264.77
Torres, Antonio C., 1925Taken by C. M. Bell, Washington, D.C.
Box 1#264.78-264.79
Wheelwright, John Brooks (1897-1940), undated
Box 1#264.80
Williams, George, 1922
Box 1#264.81-264.82
Young, William H. (1844-1934), 1912

Two postcard portraits of William H. Young, also known as "Apache Bill."

Box 2#264.83-264.84
Unidentified baby, 1925Taken by Edwardson.

Two studio photographs of a baby identified only as "Baby Connie at eight months."

Box 2#264.85
Unidentified boy wearing doughboy uniform and holding a flag, ca. 1917
OS Box 1#264.392-264.395
Unidentified Filipino soldiers, ca. 1898-1899Four different colored photographs of Filipino troops in uniform.
Box 2#264.86-264.89
Unidentified girls
OS Box 1#264.396
Unidentified man, 1900s
Box 2#264.90-264.98
Unidentified men, military
Box 2#264.99-264.102
Unidentified men, non-military
Box 2#264.103
Unidentified toddler, 1920sTaken by J. E. Purdy, Boston.
Box 2#264.104-264.111
Unidentified women
OS Box 1#264.397
Unidentified woman standing underneath a palm tree, 1915
OS Box 1#264.398
Unidentified woman, 1890sTaken by Lallie Charles, Mayfair.
OS Box 1#264.399
Unidentified woman, 1910-1920
OS Box 1#264.400
Unidentified woman in wedding gown, 1920sMat inscribed: "To dear General and Mrs. Edwards with love from Cecilia."

Group portraits

OS Box 2#264.401
American Legion, Massachusetts Department Officers, 1923-1924
Box 2#264.112
Baker Field Kitchen, no. 1, ca. 1917Taken by Hawksley.

Photograph of a truck fitted out as a military field kitchen with black driver and cook.

Box 2#264.113
Company F of 23rd Regiment receiving colors, Hotel Galvez, 4 July 1913Taken by M. E. Verkin.
Box 2#264.114
"Cushing girls," undated

Snapshot of three girls dressed in Dutch costume. Inscribed on verso: "Merry Christmas from some Cushing girls."

Box 2#264.115
Dewey, George (1837-1917), Henry Ware Lawton, Clarence R. Edwards, and unidentified officer, 1898 or 1899Taken by B. W. Kilburn.
Box 2#264.116
Dickinson, Jacob M. (1851-1928) and others, including Clarence Edwards & family, 1910

Group photograph in unidentified location of the party accompanying Secretary of War Dickinson on his world tour which began in June of 1910.

Box 2#264.117
Edwards, Bessie (1868-1929), and unidentified woman, Fort Clark, April 1897
Box 2#264.118
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, in stadium, [ca. 1919?]
Box 2#264.119
Edwards, Clarence, and Bessie, in horse-drawn carriage, [ca. 1890?]
Box 2#264.120
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie at "Doneroving," 1920sTaken by the Boston Transcript.
Box 2#264.121
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie at "Doneroving," with horse, 1920Taken by Richard W. Sears.
Box 2#264.122
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, 1920s
OS Box 2#264.402
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, with an unidentified man in an open car, 1920s
OS Box 2#264.403
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, 1920s
OS Box 2#264.404
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, at home, 1929
OS Box 2264.405
Edwards, Clarence R. and Bessie, with two unidentified men holding Yankee Division flags, 1927Taken by Warren C. King, Portland, Maine.Backing signed by members of the Yankee Division Club of Portland.
Box 2#264.123
Edwards, Clarence R. and Captain Chandler on Commonwealth Pier, watching the Winifredian coming in, April 1919Taken by G. Frank Radway.
Box 2#264.124
Edwards, Clarence R. and William Edwards Otis, December 1918

Inscribed on verso: "The general and his nephew William Edwards Otis, who Ran Away to Join the Navy. Dec. 27, 1918."

Box 2#264.125
Edwards, Clarence R. and Newton D. Baker, Secretary of War, ca. 1917Taken by G. Frank Radway.
Box 2#264.126
Edwards, Clarence R. with Jacob M. Dickinson and Igorotti Chiefs and families, ca. 1898
Box 2#264.127
Edwards, Clarence R., Governor Samuel McCall and Governor-Elect Calvin Coolidge at the State House, 1918
Box 2#264.128
Edwards, Clarence R., Pierre S. DuPont & Elizabeth Harris, 1930
Box 2#264.129
Edwards, Clarence R. & Moro Chiefs, 1899-1900
Box 2#264.130
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified veterans, July 1921

Snapshot. Inscribed on verso: "Our General and some of his lads. Plymouth, Mass. July 3, 1921. 120 [degrees] in the sun."

Box 2#264.131
Edwards, Clarence R. and members of the Ancient and Honorable Artillery Co. of Boston, 1921
Box 2#264.132
Edwards, Clarence R. and others visiting a child in hospital, 1917 or 1918
Box 2#264.133-264.134
Edwards, Clarence R. and others at a graduation ceremony, 1920sTaken by W. E. Corbin, Florence, Mass.
Box 2#264.135
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified man, both on horseback, undated
Box 2#264.136
Edwards, Clarence R. and wounded veterans, 1919Taken by Jack Williams.
Box 2#264.137-264.138
Edwards, Clarence R. and others on shipboard, undated
Box 2#264.139
Edwards, Clarence R. and troops aboard the Agamemnon, 1919Taken by G. Frank Radway.
Box 2#264.140-264.142
Edwards, Clarence R., unidentified soldiers, and young woman, probably daughter Bessie, 1917
Box 2#264.143
Edwards, Clarence R. and two unidentified men, one a naval officer, 1920s
Box 2#264.144
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified schoolgirls, 1920s
Box 2#264.145-264.146
Edwards, Clarence R. with unidentified soldiers and women, possibly Bessie and Young Bessie, undated
Box 2#264.147
Edwards, Clarence R. and two unidentified men, one an army officer, ca. 1899
Box 2#264.148
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified soldier, 1919?
Box 2#264.149
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified soldier, July 1918
Box 2#264.150
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified soldiers, 1919?
Box 2#264.151-264.155
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified soldiers, 1920Taken by de Forest.
Box 2#264.156
Edwards, Clarence R. and members of the Signal Corps, 94th Division, 1922Taken by Richard W. Sears.
OS Box 2#264.406
Edwards, Clarence R. pinning medal on coat of Capt. Paul Hines of the 102d Infantry, 26 Sep. 1918
OS Box 2#264.407
Edwards, Clarence R. and staff, 1916Taken by Jennings.
OS Box 2#264.408
Edwards, Clarence R. and New England politicians, drafting cable to General Pershing requesting that all former 26th division troops be returned home, Feb. 1919Taken by Jack Williams.Label affixed to photograph identifies all those present.
OS Box 2#264.409
Edwards, Clarence R., George Dewey, Henry Ware Lawton, and others, 1898 or 1899
OS Box 2#264.410
Edwards, Clarence R., William H. Taft, Archie Butt, and Jonathan Bourne on a golf course, 1909
OS Box 2#264.411
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified man at funeral, 15 May 1920
OS Box 2#264.412-264.413
Edwards, Clarence R. and others in open car along parade route, 1919?
OS Box 2#264.414
Edwards, Clarence R., William Howard Taft, and others, 1907?Photograph inscribed: "We back the Secretary Your Korean friend R. S. Dunn."
OS Box 2#264.415
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified man in front of Booker T. Washington monument at Tuskegee, ca. 1922Taken by L. G. Hyman.
OS Box 2#264.416
Edwards, Clarence R. and unidentified Scottish officer, 1920s?
OS Box 2#264.417
Edwards, Clarence R., Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) and Grace Coolidge (1879-1957), 1923Taken by F. A. George.
OS Box 2#264.418
Edwards, Clarence R., Mayor John F. Cronin, Louise A. Callahan, and winners of prizes in the U.S. Army Contest, Holyoke, Massachusetts, 1920sTaken by Gordon, Holyoke, Mass.
Box 2#264.157
Edwards, William (1831-1898), Lucia Ransom Edwards (1833-1914) and others at the Glenville track, undatedTaken by de Forest.
OS Box 2#264.419-264.420
Eighth Army Corps officers, en route to the Philippine Islands, 1898Taken by J. D. Givens, San Francisco, Calif.
OS Box 2#264.421
Foot, Isaac and three unidentified men, 1921Taken by E. P. McLaughlin, Plymouth, Mass.
Box 2#264.158
Fordham University military recruits performing calisthenics, ca. 1917Taken by Central News Photo Service.
OS Box 3#264.455
Fordham University military exercises, ca. 1917Taken by Central News Photo Service.
OS Box 2#264.422
Harvard College, Class of 1883, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
OS Box 2#264.423
Hasty Pudding Club, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
OS Box 2#264.424
Massachusetts National Guard 3rd Infantry Band, 1921
OS Box 2#264.425
Military guard outside the tomb of Garfield, 1886Taken by H. B. Reeves, Cleveland, Ohio.
OS Box 2#264.426-264.431
Mounted officers, Fort Clark, 1897
OS Box 2#264.432
Officers at Fort Tampa, 1898
Box 2#264.159
Porter, Julia with A. G. Porter and dog, 1910
Box 2#264.160
Porter, Mrs. [Julia] and Miss, undated.
Box 2#264.161
Roosevelt, Theodore & Russell J. Coles, 1917

Inscribed on verso: "Col. Theodore Roosevelt & Russell J. Coles on Devilfish harpooning expedition on coast of Fla. March 26th 1917."

Box 2#264.162
Roosevelt, Theodore & Russell J. Coles, 1918

Inscribed on verso: "Just after the degree Doctor of Science had been conferred on Col. Theodore Roosevelt & Russell J. Coles by Trinity College Hartford Conn., June 18th 1918."

OS Box 3#264.433
Root, Elihu, and military officers, ca. 1898?
Box 2#264.163
Taft, William H., Alice Roosevelt, Nicholas Longworth and others aboard the Manchuria,, 1905
OS Box 3#264.434-264.443
Taft, William Howard and others, 1905

Group photographs taken in China, Japan, and Manila during William H. Taft's trip to those countries. Neither individuals nor exact locations are identified.

Box 2#264.164-264.165
Unidentified army officers and schoolchildren, undated
Box 2#264.166
Unidentified, banquet, 1920s
Box 2#264.167
Unidentified men, Boston, Mass., 1922Taken by de Forest.
Box 2#264.168
Unidentified group, Boston Common, 5 June 1922Taken by Richard W. Sears.
Box 2#264.169
Unidentified group of men and women on horseback, undated
Box 2#264.170
Military dress parade, unknown location, undated
Box 2#264.171
Military and naval officers, ca. 1919?
Box 2#264.172
Soldiers and two women at a military recruiting office, ca. 1917Taken by Harris & Ewing, Washington, D.C.
Box 2#264.173
Unidentified military men aboard ship, undated

Five unidentified military officers, the face of one cut out of the picture. Partially identified on verso as "Sage, Treat, Morton & Treble."

OS Box 3#264.446
Unidentified military officer and woman, 1900s?
OS Box 3#264.447
Unidentified military officers in camp, undatedTaken by Pach Brothers, New York.
Box 2#264.174
Unidentified officers on horseback, review of 104th Infantry, Harreville, January 1918
Box 2#264.175a/b
Unidentified group of men and women, probably San Juan, undatedTaken by A. Moscioni.
Box 2#264.176
Unidentified Sixth Brigade officers, undated
Box 2#264.177
West Point, Class of 1883, 1883
Box 2#264.178
West Point cadets in camp, ca. 1883
Box 2#264.179
West Point cadets and young women in camp, ca. 1883
OS Box 3#264.448
West Point cadets and young women in camp, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
OS Box 3#264.449
West Point cadets, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
OS Box 3#264.450
West Point cadets in camp, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
OS Box 3#264.451
West Point Class of 1883, ca. 1883Taken by Pach Brothers, New York.
Box 2#264.180
West Point Class of 1883 reunion, undated
OS Box 3#264.452
Yankee Division Veterans' Association banquet to Clarence Edwards, 1925Taken by Shutz.
Box 2#264.181
Yankee Division Club of Portland, Maine, decorating a grave on Memorial Day, 1920s
Box 3#264.182
Unidentified boating party aboard the Nancy, ca. 1905-1910Taken by H. W. MacDonald.
OS Box 3#264.444
Unidentified children, 1922Taken by Morrall.
Box 3#264.183
Unidentified man and woman, ca. 1890?
Box 3#264.184
Unidentified dignitaries, Budapest, ca. 1920?Taken by Reich, Budapest.Last names of some of the men written in ink on the photograph.
Box 3#264.185-246.188
Unidentified family, 1890s
Box 3#264.189
Unidentified family at Glenellen, 1880s
Box 3#264.190a-c
Unidentified girls working in a garden, ca. 1910?
Box 3#264.191
Unidentified men with horses, 1880sTaken by Sweeny, Cleveland, Ohio.
Box 3#264.192
Unidentified men on ship, ca. 1900
Box 3#264.193-264.194
Unidentified military inspection, probably 1919
Box 3#264.195
Unidentified group, undated
Box 3#264.196-264.197
Unidentified groups at the beach, undated
Box 3#264.198
Unidentified group in horse drawn carriage, ca. 1880s
Box 3#264.199
Unidentified group in pony cart, ca. 1880s
Box 3#264.200
Unidentified group on ship, ca. 1900?
OS Box 3#264.445
Unidentified men in open carriage, undated
Box 3#264.201
Unidentified women, ca. 1900?
Box 3#264.202-264.203
Unidentified women and children in cabins, undated

Photograph album

Box 3Vol. 1#264.462-264.523
Clarence Ransom Edwards photograph album, ca. 1890s-1910

An album containing black and white snapshots, largely unidentified. The album includes photographs of families, animals, houses and military bases, and a number of photographs of William Howard Taft. For loose photographs removed from album, see Photo. 264.364-264.370.


Box 4#264.524-264.577
Clarence & Bessie Edwards scrapbook, ca. 1923-1931

A dismantled scrapbook album containing snapshots and newspaper clippings, documenting Edwards's retirement years at Doneroving farm in Westwood, Massachusetts. The album includes photographs of Clarence and Bessie Edwards, farm animals, and snapshots of unidentified people, likely taken at the farm.

II. Views

United States

Box 3#264.204-264.211
California: Fort Barry, ca. 1910
Box 3#264.212
Massachusetts: Atlantic Film Corporation of New England, undated
OS Box 3#264.453-264.454
Massachusetts: Boston Common, 1919?
Box 3#264.213-264.220
New Jersey: Camp Dix, 1920

Photographs taken during the 1st Division reunion in November of 1920.

Box 3#264.221-264.223
New York: Niagara Falls, undated
Box 3#264.224-264.244
South Carolina: Charleston, undatedTaken by George W. Johnson, Charleston, S.C.
Box 3#264.245-264.254
Unidentified views, probably United States

These photographs include views of houses, probably lived in by Edwards and his family in their various postings around the country.

OS Box 3#264.458
Unidentified house, interior, undated


Box 3#264.255-264.259
Panama: miscellaneous views, ca. 1915
Box 3#264.260-264.266
Panama: Panama Golf Club, ca. 1915
OS Box 3#264.457
Panama: Headquarters, U.S. Army, Panama Canal Zone, ca. 1915
Box 3#264.267-264.268
Philippines: Laguna Provincial Building, undated
Box 3#264.269
Philippines: Spring and building used as small pox hospital by insurgents at Sibul, ca. 1899
Box 3#264.270-264.271
Philippines: Monument to General Henry Ware Lawton, 1903
Box 3#264.272-264.296
Puerto Rico: Miscellaneous views, probably during the visit of William H. Taft, 1907Taken by A. Moscioni.
Box 3#264.297-264.308
Unidentified views, possibly Philippines
Box 3#264.309-264.337
Unidentified views
OS Box 3#264.459
Unidentified military base, undated
OS Box 3#264.460
Unidentified ruins, possibly France, 1917-1919

III. Miscellaneous photographs


Box 3#264.338
Miss Ransom, 1906Taken by J. E. Iserigg, Chicago.

Portrait of a dog in the field.

Box 3#264.339-264.342
Photographs of artwork featuring horses and dogs
OS Box 3#264.461
Horse, undated.


Box 3#264.343
Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, 1925

Photograph of a proposed design for the Golden Gate Bridge signed H. D. Jenkins, 1925.

OS Box 3#264.456
Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco, 1924

Photograph of perspective drawing signed H. D. Jenkins, 1924.


Box 3#264.344-264.363
Postcards, ca. 1900-1929

Postcards, some sent to Clarence Edwards from family and friends, others unused.


Box 3#264.364-264.377
Zeppelins, ca. 1900-1929

Photographs of military and civilian zeppelins, including plans and drawings.

Preferred Citation

Clarence Ransom Edwards photographs, Photo. Coll. 264, Massachusetts Historical Society Photo Archives.

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Dickinson, J. M. (Jacob McGavock), 1851-1928--Photographs.
Edwards, Clarence Ransom, 1859-1931--Photographs.
Edwards family--Photographs.
Lawton, Henry Ware, 1843-1899--Photographs.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919--Photographs.
Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930--Photographs.


United States. Army--Officers--Photographs.
United States. Army. Infantry Division, 26th--Photographs.


Westwood (Mass.)--Photographs.
World War, 1914-1918--Participation, American--Photographs.