ca. 1861-1870

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Album of cartes de visite, primarily of Civil War military and political figures.

Biographical Sketch

Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr. was born in Salem, Mass., on 14 February 1835, the first child of Albert G. and Sarah Smith (Cox) Browne. He was the youngest member of Harvard College's Class of 1853 and attended Dane Law School; in 1855, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Heidelberg. Like his father, Albert was an abolitionist, and after returning from abroad, he joined the law office of John Albion Andrew. He left Boston for a time to cover the Mormon Wars in Utah as a journalist, but returned to Boston and became Governor John A. Andrew's military secretary and liaison with the federal government during the Civil War. After the war, he had a career as a journalist and banker. Browne died in Boston in 1891.

Collection Description

Album containing 85 cartes de visite of notable Civil War-era figures, probably compiled by Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr. The majority of the photographs are of Union and Confederate Army officers. Although some of the images are unidentified, the album includes such notable figures as William Tecumseh Sherman, Abraham Lincoln, members of the Beecher family including Henry Ward Beecher and Lyman Beecher, Wendell Phillips, and Charles Dickens. Identified Massachusetts photographers include J. W. Black, J. A. Whipple, and Williams & Everett. Unless noted, photographers are unknown.

Acquisition Information

Gift of Warburton K. VerPlanck, May 1987.


Photographs are listed in the order in which they appear in the album.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Vol. 1Page 1#286.01
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865).Photographed by J. W. Winder & Co., Cincinnati. Copyright by Moore, Wilstach & Baldwin.
Vol. 1Page 1#286.02
Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865) and son Tad [Thomas] Lincoln (1853-1871).Copyright by William H. Mumler, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 2#286.03
Beecher, Lyman (1807-1882).Taken by Augustus Morand, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Vol. 1Page 2#286.04
Beecher, Henry Ward (1807-1873).Taken by Augustus Morand, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Vol. 1Page 3#286.05
Andrew, John Albion (1818-1867).Taken by Allen & Rowell, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 3#286.06
Phillips, Wendell (1811-1884).Taken by Charles D. Fredricks & Co., New York.
Vol. 1Page 4#286.07
Sherman, William Tecumseh (1820-1891).
Vol. 1Page 4#286.08
Sherman, William Tecumseh.
Vol. 1Page 5#286.09
Sherman, William Tecumseh.
Vol. 1Page 5#286.10
Sherman, William Tecumseh on horseback.
Vol. 1Page 6#286.11
Sheridan, Philip Henry (1831-1888).
Vol. 1Page 6#286.12
Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson (1836-1881).
Vol. 1Page 7#286.13
Slocum, Henry Warner (1827-1894).
Vol. 1Page 7#286.14
Williams, Alpheus S. (1810-1878).
Vol. 1Page 8#286.15
Logan, John A. (1826-1886).
Vol. 1Page 8#286.16
McPherson, James B. (1828-1864).
Vol. 1Page 9#286.17
Geary, John W. (1819-1873).
Vol. 1Page 9#286.18
Davis, Jefferson C. (1828-1879).
Vol. 1Page 10#286.19
Kilpatrick, Hugh Judson (1836-1881).
Vol. 1Page 11#286.20
Gillmore, Quincy Adams (1804-1885).Taken by S. A. Cooley, Beaufort, S.C.
Vol. 1Page 11#286.21
Gillmore, Quincy Adams (1804-1885).Published by E. A. Anthony, New York.
Vol. 1Page 12#286.22
Mitchel, Ormsby (1810-1862).
Vol. 1Page 12#285.23
Shaw, James, Jr.Taken by Dunshee, Providence, R.I.
Vol. 1Page 13#286.24
Vogdes, Israel (1816-1889).Taken by Haas & Peale, Hilton Head, S.C.
Vol. 1Page 13#286.25
Unidentified Union officer.Taken by J. W. Black, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 14#286.26
Dahlgren, John A. (1809-1870).Published by E. & H. T. Anthony, New York.
Vol. 1Page 14#285.27
Dahlgren, Ulric (1842-1864).Taken by Henry Ulke, Washington, D.C.
Vol. 1Page 15#286.28
Shaw, Robert Gould (1837-1863).Taken by J. A. Whipple, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 15#286.29
Unidentified Union officer.Published by Williams & Everett, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 16#286.30
Dwight, [Wilder (1833-1862)].
Vol. 1Page 16#286.31
Lyon, Nathaniel (d. 1861).
Vol. 1Page 17#286.32
Ellsworth, Elmer E. (1837-1861).Published by Williams & Everett, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 17#286.33
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 18#286.34
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 18#286.35
Unidentified Union officer [same sitter as 286.46].
Vol. 1Page 19#286.36
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 19#286.37
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 20#286.38
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 20#286.39
Unidentified Union officer.Published by Williams & Everett, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 21#286.40
Mayer, Edelmiro (1834-1897).
Vol. 1Page 21#286.41
Unidentified man.
Vol. 1Page 22#286.42
Brown, John (1800-1859).Published by Williams & Everett, Boston.
Vol. 1Page 23#286.43
Owen, Robert Dale (1801-1877).
Vol. 1Page 23#286.44
Unidentified woman.
Vol. 1Page 24#286.45
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870).
Vol. 1Page 25#286.46
Unidentified man [same sitter as 286.35].
Vol. 1Page 26#286.47
Clymer, Ella Maria Dietz (1847-1920).Taken by Gurney.
Vol. 1Page 26#286.48
Unidentified artwork, nymph with butterfly.
Vol. 1Page 27#286.49
Unidentified couple.
Vol. 1Page 27#286.50
Unidentified woman.
Vol. 1Page 28#286.51
Scoville, Harriet Beecher (1838-1911) and child, Feb. 1863.
Vol. 1Page 28#286.52
Beecher, Henry Ward (1813-1887).
Vol. 1Page 29#286.39
Scoville, Harriet Beecher.Taken by Claflin, Worcester, Mass.
Vol. 1Page 29#286.54
Beecher, Henry Ward.
Vol. 1Page 30#286.55
Unidentified woman and boy, probably members of the Beecher family.Taken by Wilson Brothers, Hartford, Conn.
Vol. 1Page 30#286.56
Beecher, James Chaplin (1828-1886).Taken by Wilson Brothers, Hartford, Conn.
Vol. 1Page 31#286.57
Sherman, William Tecumseh.
Vol. 1Page 31#286.58
Unidentified Union officer.
Vol. 1Page 32#286.59
Corse, John M. (1835-1893).
Vol. 1Page 32#286.60
Everett, Edward (1794-1865).
Vol. 1Page 33#286.61
Grant, Ulysses S. (1822-1885).Taken by Wenderoth & Taylor, Philadelphia.
Vol. 1Page 33#286.62
Johnson, Andrew (1808-1875).
Vol. 1Page 34#286.63
Andrew, John Albion (1818-1867).
Vol. 1Page 35-39
Blank pages.
Vol. 1Page 40#286.64
Pryor, Roger A. (1828-1919).
Vol. 1Page 40#286.65
Hampton, Wade (1818-1902).
Vol. 1Page 41#286.66
Lovell, Mansfield (1822-1884).
Vol. 1Page 41#286.67
Price, Sterling (1809-1867).
Vol. 1Page 42#286.68
Buckner, Simon Bolivar (1823-1914).
Vol. 1Page 42#286.69
Smith, Edmund Kirby (1824-1893).
Vol. 1Page 43#286.70
Hill, Ambrose Powell (1825-1865).
Vol. 1Page 43#286.71
Longstreet, James (1821-1904).
Vol. 1Page 44#286.72
Morgan, John Hunt (1825-1864).
Vol. 1Page 44#286.73
Semmes, Raphael (1809-1877).
Vol. 1Page 45#286.74
Hardee, William J. (1815-1873).
Vol. 1Page 45#286.75
Hood, John Bell (1831-1879).
Vol. 1Page 46#286.76
Johnston, Joseph E. (1807-1891).
Vol. 1Page 46#286.77
Lee, Robert E. (1807-1870).
Vol. 1Page 47#286.78
Jackson, Stonewall (1824-1863).
Vol. 1Page 47#286.79
Polk, Leonidas (1806-1864).
Vol. 1Page 48#286.80
Ewell, Richard Stoddert (1817-1872).
Vol. 1Page 48#286.81
Johnson, Albert Sidney (1803-1862).
Vol. 1Page 49#286.82
Beauregard, P. G. T. (1818-1893).
Vol. 1Page 49#286.83
Lee, Robert E. (1807-1870).
Vol. 1Page 50#286.84
Stephens, Alexander Hamilton (1812-1883).
Vol. 1Page 50#286.85
Davis, Jefferson (1808-1889).

Preferred Citation

Albert Gallatin Browne, Jr. carte de visite album, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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Beecher, Henry Ward, 1813-1887--Photographs.
Beecher, Lyman, 1775-1863--Photographs.
Black, James Wallace, 1825-1896, photographer.
Browne, Albert Gallatin, 1835-1891, compiler.
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870--Photographs.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Photographs.
Phillips, Wendell, 1811-1884--Photographs.
Sherman, William T. (William Tecumseh), 1820-1891--Photographs.
Whipple, John Adams, 1822-1891, photographer.


Confederate States of America. Army--Officers--Photographs.
United States. Army--Officers--Photographs.
Williams & Everett, photographers.


Card photograph albums.
Cartes de visite.
United States--History--Civil War 1861-1865--Photographs.