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Sarah Parker Remond

Sarah Parker Remond Photograph
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This portrait depicts Sarah Parker Remond, (1826-1894). Remond was an internationally prominent anti-slavery lecturer, physician, and activist campaigner for abolition and women's suffrage. Born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1826, she delivered abolitionist speeches throughout the American northeast along with her brother, Charles Lenox Remond. As an agent of the American Anti-Slavery Society, Remond traveled to Great Britain in 1858.  She lectured widely in England, Scotland and Ireland and remained in England during the Civil War to appeal for support of the Union blockade of Confederate trade and to raise funds for American freedmen. Remond briefly returned to the United States, but emigrated to Italy in 1866, where she studied medicine in Florence, married Lazzaro Pintor, and practiced as a physician until her death in 1894.