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Pocket watch belonging to Col. Ebenezer Francis

Pocket watch belonging to Col. Ebenezer Francis Pocket watch in a case, silver and gold,


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    This pocket watch belonged to Col. Ebenezer Francis (1744-1777) who was killed at the battle of Hubbardton, in Vermont, in 1777.

    This pocket watch is enclosed in a consular pair case with working fly spring. The watch has a silver face with a sunken dial and hands and the chapters and Arabic numbers on the seconds marks have traces of black enamel. The case is engraved all over with a floral design with central figures of a castle, swan, and lantern. The watch also has full plate movement with ornamental pillars and gold works and an ornately engraved balance cock and top plate (bearded face engraved). The top plate marked: "Reguillon/Bergier 5263" and on the inner reverse "GC" with a crown and star. Attached is a silver plaque engraved: "THIS WATCH--mentioned in "Anburey’s Travels"--was found on the person of--COL. EBENEZER FRANCIS,--who was killed at the battle of Hubbardtown;--A.D. 1777.--It is presented by his Grand daughters--ELIZABETH B. BOWDITCH & SARAH ELLEN MASON,--THE MASSACHUSETTS HISTORICAL SOCIETY;--January 20th. 1859."