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Mrs. Daly's Unit, 13 July 1918

Mrs. Daly`s Unit, 13 July 1918 Photo postcard
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Members of the autochir No. 7 (American Red Cross hospital unit) as identified by Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall: left to right, Sister Rozier, Sister Kilpatrick, Sister Watson, Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.) nurse Mitchell, Mme D'Hespel, V.A.D. Dawson (sitting), V.A.D. Allin (sitting), V.A.D. Sinclair (sitting), Beatrice Ecclesine (standing without veil), Althea Hunting, Mrs. Parrish, Alix Causse (without veil), Dorthy Watts, E[leanor] S[altonstall], nose of Susan Ryerson, [Minna?] Manziarli, Agnes Fowler, Mrs. Bigelow, V.A.D. Forrest, Mme Disnpinay, Milly Fowler, Mr. Pumphreys (behind tree). The photograph was taken in front of the unit's tent at Angicourt, France.