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Croix de Guerre awarded to Eleanor Saltonstall

Croix de Guerre awarded to Eleanor Saltonstall Bronze medal with green and red ribbon, one bronze star (regimental dispatch citation) and bar
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France created the Croix de Guerre during the First World War as an award for soldiers of all ranks and civilians, as well as members of the Allied forces, who were cited for heroic actions in the face of the enemy. Eleanor "Nora" Saltonstall received this Croix de Guerre on 28 November 1918, for evacuating civilians from the Noyon and Lassigny regions of France during German attacks in March 1918.

The design is a bronze Pattée cross (a cross with triangular arms nearly forming a square), surmounted with crossed swords and a center medallion of the French Republic wearing a Liberty cap. The reverse medallion bears the years 1914-1918, the latter the year Nora Saltonstall received the decoration. The bronze star on the ribbon indicates that the award was mentioned in a brigade or regimental dispatch.


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