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A Monumental Inscription on the Fifth of March

A Monumental Inscription on the Fifth of March Broadside
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This broadside commemorates the Boston Massacre and features a tirade and a poem vilifying the Loyalist and secret informer, Ebenezer Richardson, who, although found guilty of murdering a young bystander during a skirmish that occurred in February 1770, was never sentenced and was released from jail in March of 1772.

The image in the top left hand-corner, a woodcut by Paul Revere, based on his own copper engraving of The Bloody Massacre, was also used in The Massachusetts Calendar, or an Almanac for 1772, along with an eight-line patriotic verse.(See a copy of the woodcut that was featured in the Calendar and which Harbottle Dorr included in his collection of Annotated Newspapers.)