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Flintlock turn-off pistols belonging to Artemas Ward

Flintlock turn-off pistols belonging to Artemas Ward Brass and wood


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    These pistols belonged to Artemas Ward (1727-1800), a major general in the American Revolutionary War and a Massachusetts Congressman.

    These two brass flintlock pistols have steel barrels and lock plates marked "GALTON."  This style of pistol is the English version of a turn-off pistol (barrel unscrews from the breach) and is also known as a Queen Anne pistol because of its popularity during her reign and throughout the 18th century. Each barrel is 15 cm. long, rifled with 8 grooves.  All the metal areas on the pistols, including Brass trigger guards, side plates and shield plates are engraved with simple decorative motifs. Each pistol has a walnut stock/grip that ends in a pommel displaying a brass gargoyle face cap.