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Sword said to have belonged to Gen. Joseph Warren

Sword said to have belonged to Gen. Joseph Warren Brass, silver, wood


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    Gen. Joseph Warren (1741-1775), president of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress and the man who enlisted Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride from Boston to Lexington on their "midnight ride," died at Breed's Hill in June 1775. This sword is believed to have belonged to him.

    Joseph Warren was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1741, studied medicine and had a practice in Boston. He was active in groups and committees that promoted the Patriotic cause. Warren delivered addresses commemorating the Boston Massacre in 1772 and 1775, drafted the Suffolk Resolves, and was elected to the Provincial Congress in 1774. After ringing the alarm in Boston and meeting with a friend, General William Heath, Warren fought alongside of local militia in attacking the British troops as they retreated from Concord to Boston on the afternoon of 19 April 1775. He was killed in the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775.