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Pocket watch belonging to Robert Treat Paine

Pocket watch belonging to Robert Treat Paine Silver


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    This watch belonged to Robert Treat Paine (1731-1814), a Massachusetts lawyer and politician and one of the original signers of the Declaration of Independence.

    Repeating pocket watch enclosed in a silver double pair case with a broken fly spring and medium lunette glass. The outer case is ornately engraved with the original owner’s monogram burnished off the case back, but visible on the inside. The watch has a white enamel face with black chapters and black Arabic numerals. The case band is covered with a carved and engraved ornament. Engraved bearded face on the bottom and landscape on top. A gold full cap encases the movement. The watch has a silver bow and pendant with a case floral ornamental gold key. Maker’s mark: "Joseph--Williamson--LONDON" on full cap.