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Pocket watch belonging to Timothy Corey

Pocket watch belonging to Timothy Corey Silver


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    Although this pocket watch was made after the Revolution, its original owner, Timothy Corey (1741-1811), served as a captain in the Revolutionary War. He gave it to his son, Elijah Corey (1773-1859).

    A silver double bottom pair case pocket watch with a broken fly spring and double lunette glass with a cut top. The watch has a white enamel face, black chapters, and gold hands. It has a gold full plate movement with an ornamentally engraved balance cock. Maker’s mark: "B. Clowes--No. 2620--Liverpool" (top plate); Lion passant (inner rim, case front); "WR"/ Anchor/"C"/"P" lion passant (case, back rx). Same marks on inner bottom of reverse with substitution of "I" for "P".