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Flintlock pistol owned by General John Thomas

Flintlock pistol owned by General John Thomas Brass, iron,silver, wood
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A flintlock pistol owned by Gen. John Thomas (1724-1776), and, according to family lore, used by him in the French and Indian Wars and the American Revolution.

One of a pair of screw-barreled or "turn-off" flintlock pistols (16 mm caliber) made by Richard Wilson of London, with silver furniture by Joseph Allen. Makers’ marks: Silversmith - Flanking screw through butt-cap, silversmith’s mark stylized script letters "gA"and the lion passant of London; Gunsmith - "LONDON" in upper-case block letters atop the breech housing. On the obverse underside is engraved the name "Wilson" in script. Below this, in an axial line from the chamber toward the muzzle, are stamped "RW" in upper-case block letters beneath an asterisk-like device, and the proof-mark of the company. Smoothbore brass circular screw barrels in three sections, with slight taper to the muzzle which ends in slightly flared lip. Downcurved wooden stocks are circular and have silver gargoyles at butt ends. Opposite each lock are applied silver trophies.