Dear Obour

I am exceedingly glad to hear from you by Mrs. Tanner, and wish you
had timely notice of her departure, so as to have wrote me; next to
that is the pleasure of hearing that you are well; the vast variety of
scenes that have passd before us these 3 years past will to a reasona
ble mind serve to convince us of the uncertain duration of all things
temporal, and the proper result of such a consideration is an ardent
desire of, & preparation for, a no State and enjoyments which are more
suitable to the immortal mind; -- You will do me a great favour
if you'll write me be every Oppy. -- Direct your letters under cover
to Mr. John Peters in Queen Street. I have but half an hour's no
tice; and must apologize for this hasty scrawl, I am most affection
ately, my dear Obour your sincere friend

Phillis Wheatley.


Miss Obour Tanner