Help with Image Viewing

The zoom option on the images enables the user to pan in, out, and around the image. This feature requires Adobe Flash Player version 8 or greater, available free from

The following table describes how to use the controls within the zoom viewer.

zoom arrow control

zoom + - control
Click and drag the triangle to zoom swiftly and continuously in and out. Alternately, the + (plus) icon zooms in and the – (minus) icon zooms out. To use the + and - icons, simply click as many times as needed to reach the desired view.
zoom pan controlThe left, right, up, and down arrow keys move the image in the direction indicated by the point of the arrow.
zoom resetThe last icon will return to the initial view of the map. Users should click this icon if the map accidentally disappears from view.

Users may also navigate around the image by clicking the image and dragging the image in the desired direction. As well, the small red box within the inset image indicates the portion of the total image currently being displayed. This red box may also be dragged to quickly move the view to anywhere on the image.

Please allow for the image to readjust itself when browsing.