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Manuscript plan of the turnpike to Taunton, 1 April 1806

Manuscript plan of the turnpike to Taunton, 1 April 1806 Pen and ink and watercolor
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A manuscript plan of the turnpike road from Boston to Taunton by Jonas Kendall shows the locations of bridges, rivers, ponds, swamps, meetinghouses, and residents' houses. The map depicts two different possible routes (an eastern route and a western route), both starting at the Old State House and ending at the residence of Nicholas Tillinghast, Esquire. The eastern route runs along the Dorchester Turnpike and Blue Hill Turnpike, the western route along the Brush Hill Turnpike. The eastern route is four and a half miles shorter.

The writing on the bottom section reads: "A Plan of the Turnpike road from Boston to Taunton representing the Comparative Distances of the Several Courses here laid down, particularly the rout reported in favourd by the Court Committee, being about four & half miles nigher than the old travelled road, and but 185 rods longer than an Air line, made under the inspection of the Committee of the General Court.
April 1806 Jonas Kendal } One of said Committee"