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Manuscript map of the town of Weymouth, circa 1800

Manuscript map of the town of Weymouth, circa 1800 Pen and ink and watercolor
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The manuscript map of Weymouth lists twenty-two prominent places including roads, taverns, bridges, ponds, mills, and houses. The neighboring towns, Braintree, Randolph, Abington, and Hingham, are identified, although no details of these towns are provided on this map. The town line is reddish-orange, and the main roadways are yellow.

The following places are listed on the map:
1. Lower Neck
2. Fort
3. Fore River
4. Road
5. Hunts Hill
6. Ferry Point
7. Tide Mill
8. North Meeting House
9. Back River
10. Arnolds Tavern
11. Rice's Tavern
12. Bates' Mill
13. Rice's Mills
14. Whitman's Pond
15. Tirrill's [Tirrell's] Mill Bridge
16. Whortleberry Pond
17. Bates' Fulling Mill
18. Porter's Mill
19. Shaws Tavern
20. South M[eeting] House
21. Vinson's Mill
22. Great Pond