Little Hill July 28 1821

Dear Sir

I am informed by your Brother G. that you wish to know from me
Some Account of my Education! The first part of it was under
Mr Joseph Cleverly in the public latin School in Braintree, the
last part under Mr Joseph Marsh who kept a private Accademy
the next door but one to my fathers house. From him I was Sent
to Colledge in 1751, Had my first degree of course in 1755. kept
the Latin School in Worcester and read Law with Colonel James
Putnam till 1758 when I had my Second degree at Colledge
and was admitted an Attorney at Law by the Court of common
Pleas in the County of Suffolk. In 1761 I was dubbed a Barister
and assumed Gown Wigg and band.

The report of my pupillage under Mr Gridley arose from
this. Mr Gridley after an examination, painful, troublesome and
distressing enough to me generously presented me to the Court
for Admittance at the Bar in which he was joined by Mr Pratt
Mr Otis and Mr Thatcher four Gentlemen whose Patronage and
friendship I can never forget. I am with great Esteem your friend

John Adams


Thomas Dawes
J Adams     Boston