Boston 2d May 5 oclock afternoon 75 [1775]

My Dear Paul

I am exceeding glad to hear you say you are
easy for I thought you where [were] very impatient, but I cannot
say I was please'd at hearing you aplyed to Capt Irvin
for a pass as I shou'd rather confer 50 obligations on them
then recive one from them[.] I am almost sure of one as soon
as they are given out[.] I was at mr Scolays yesterday and
his son has been here to day and told me he went to the
room and gave mine and Deacon Jeffers name to this father
when no other person was admited[.] I hope things will be setled
on easier terms soon[.] I have not recived a line from you to
day till this moment[.] Why have you alterd your mind in
regard to pauls coming with us? this Capt Irvin says he
has not recived any letter and I send by this 2 bottles beer
1 wine for his servant[.] do my dear take care of your self[.] o[h]
I forgot I have not recived but 9£ LM of parkman and that
was not enough to pay our friends[.] mr.S [ . . . ] promised to
pay you shou,d be glad to know that your coat is not
made [ . . . ] John did not incline to do it and I
spoke to mr Boit he ingage'd to make it if he
Could not get a pass but as he has that in pros-
pect he cannot I have got a woman to make Pauls
in the house and if you choose I will ask John to
cut it and get her to make it[.] She is a very good
work woman and works for Doct mount[f]ort Rand

Yours with affection
R Revere