July 1 [July 1775]. Yesterday Mr. James Lovell and John Leach with
others were imprisoned by martial Authority.

7. [July 1775] Very early this morning the Provincials set fire
to a house & Barn lately occupied by Mr. Brown
very near the lines, which occasion'd some shot
on both sides. an Exchange of Shot from the
Lines and Roxbury is very frequent.

12. [July 1775] Last night the Provincials in several Whale-boats
went to long-Island and carried off all the
People, Cattle, etc; and set fire to several Build-
-ings on that and other Islands.

19. [July 1775 ]The King's troops from Ireland have been land-
-ing in detach'd Parties these several days
past, which make up 2 or 3000 Men.

20. [July 1775 ]The Provincials set fire to day to the light-house
and other Buildings on the little Brewster: as
they had done a few days since those on
Thatcher's Island: and sometimes stop the
Fishing-Boats coming up to town.

21. [July 1775] A Court martial has been held for several days upon
Mess'rs Lovell, Leach and others, at which one Carpenter
was sentenced to be hanged this day for carrying
Intelligence over to the Provincials by swiming;
however it was thought fit to reprieve him.
Martial Law has had a full Swing for this month
past. The Provost with his Band entering houses
at his pleasure, stoping Gentlemen from enter:g
their Warehouses and puting some under Guard:
as also pulling down Fences, etc., particularly Mr.
Carnes's Rope Walk and our Pasture.