After our hearty Comendaions Whereas his Matie hath thought fitt to
cause a Proclamaion to be issued bearing date at Whitehall ye 30th of November
last, strictly to prohibit for ye reasons & Consideraions therein menioned all and
every this Subjects whatsoever, Except the Royall African Company of England &
theire Successors att any tyme thereafter to send or navigate any Ship or Ships
Vessell or Vessells, or exercise any Trade from any of his Mats. Plantaions
Dominions or Countrys in America to any of the Parts or Coasts of Africa
from the Port of Salley in South Barbary inclusive to the Cape de Bona
Esperanza inclusive, With all the Islands neare adjoyning to those Coasts, &
comprehended within the Limits aforesaid, or from thence to carry any
Negro Servants, Gold, Elephants Tooth, or any other Goods and Merchandizes
of the Product or manufacture of the Said Places to any of his Maties
American Dominions or Plantaions upon pain of his Mats. High Dis-
-pleasure, and the Forfeitures and Losses in the said Proclamaion menioned
Thereby alsoo requiring all his offices and ministers Civil and Military by
Sea or Land in every his American Dominions or Plantaions to see this
his pleasure observed. Now to the end there may be noe practise of
Ignorance herein Wee have by his Mats. Comand here enclosed Sent you a
Coppy of the Said Proclamaion, And doe Will and require you to use all
possible means to cause the same to be duely and punctually observed
and putt into Execuion, Not only by discouraging and hindring as much as
in you lyes all Attempts and Endeavours contrary thereunto, but by
affording your utmost assistance to the said Company or theire Agents in
taking the Forfeitures of such psons as Shall presume to transgresse
the sayd Proclamaion, and otherwise as to you shall seeme best for
procuring all due Obedience to his Mats Comands in this particular.
And Soo not doubting of your diligent performance herein Wee bid
you heartily farewell from the Court at Whitehall this 2d Day of
December 1674.

Yor very Loving ffriends.,

Finch [CS?]
[J S B [illegible] ?]
H Coventry
J Williamson
[GL Artever ?]
John Nicholas

[There are several other names that are illegible.]

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)]

New England John [Levertt ?] Esqr.


For our very loving friend
John Leveret Esqr: his May
Governor of New England
For His Majesty about the Royal African Comp.
[Notation, (hard to read )]
in America

[There are two short lines written above the address, but oriented in the opposite direction of the address. Please view the page image to see the unclear lines.]