St. Georges April 24th 1735


This comes by Capt. Sanders who this day leaves us, the
other sloop not coming is a great disapointment to Mr. Waldo
which if she had come according to expectation, he had been
able to have gone also, but is still waiting tho' very uneasy
having dispatched the Irish setlers some days agoe
and all very hearty in setling, I believe there will be
about eighty familys of them.

I was in hopes by this sloop to have given you a better
account of my affairs here than I am able at present to do
owing to the very extraordinary bad weather, we had
almost the whole month of March, notwithstanding of
which, we have finished our wharfing, good part of the
Warehouse, have got some people here to finish our Dwelling
house, and shall finish one Double Kilne by the Latter end
of next week, the three men who were down all winter are
become Settlers, and design to Boston the next sloop. I hope
you can be able to send me down three other good hands
by the sloop when she comes again, without whom we shall
not be able to do any thing. I have spent all my rum and
borrowed of Mr. Noyes out of the Truck, shall be glad if you would
send down ten or twelve gallons any New England rum will
do. Mr. Martyn has been denyed adismission by the Govr.

but he intends if it doth not come very soon to dismiss him
self, he still goes on with the work, and the Capt. has promised
to do all he can, Capt. Sanders will be able to inform you
of every thing much better than I can by a letter.

I thank God I have enjoyed my health very well since
my being here and expect by the return of the next
sloop to come up, tho am resolved to finish everything before
I leave this place. Mr. Waldo and Noyes desire to be remembered
to you. Mr. Noyes hopes he shall not be out of your thoughts
the next election. I have recieved from him a great deal of
kindness and Civility, I would pray tender my Duty to my
mother and hope she has recovered her health again, my
love to my Sisters and Service to all my Friends, and

Your Dutifull Son,
Middlecott Cooke

I should be glad of some money
to defray some small charges
since my being here.

I have spoke to the Indians for some barks and dishes as soon as the
bark begins to peal shall be supplyed, which will be in a little time.
I hope the things are all on board the sloop.

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of pge):] To Elisha Cooke Esq


April 24 1775 Son Cooke St. Georges