[On Western Union Telegraph Company letterhead. Dated, Received at, and To are all part of the letterhead]

Dated New York 11/12 1876

Received at [This line was left blank.]
To Leverett Sallenstall
care John Welsh

It is earnestly desired
that a delegation of prominent
Gentlemen go immediately
to Florida to counsel Peace
and a fair and honest
return You are earnestly,
requested to go meeting those
who go from here on the train
leaving New York at six oclock
Sunday evening Your prompt
Acceptance by telegram is requested
This emergency appeals to your
Abrham. S. Hewitt

59 Paid
collect 25


AS Hewitt
Nov 12/76

recd by me in
Church at German-
town in pew of
Hon. John Welsh
With whom I was
passing Sunday
while Mass. Com-
missioner to the
Centennial Exhibition.
I left the
Church and started
for Florida.