Tallahassee Nov. 25

My Dear Rose,

I fear you are
by this time so vexed
with me that you will
scarce come to see my
letters and it does seem
cruel to desert my
home for so long a time
Would that I were there
I am very homesick
and getting worse every
day. but I need not
write more about my
reasons for doing this.
I had a long letter from
Preston yesterday with
a note from J.F.T. the
first I have recd. from
home, and glad enough
I was to get them.

Preston tells me to
remain as long as may
be necessary and says he
is getting on very well.
I have had a telegram
from him today asking
about your going to Salem
Thanksgiving day. I
have telegraphed to send
him word to go. That
I fear I must be
here a week longer
unless wanted at home.
I am thought very
necessary here, and
suppose I am. To
leave now would be
absurd, as it would
deprive me of the
power of testifying to
the fairness or the
unfairness of the count.
They begin this on Thursday.

and it will continue
all the week probably.

Yesterday Mr Sellers
and Mr Biddle made
admirable arguments
and we feel quite sure
we have prevented the
Governor from illegally
counting the votes.
Still he may not
mind the count, and
act as the "Returning
Board" did in S. Carolina.

There is the most
determined plot to
defeat the large majority
in this State as in
S Carolina and especially
Louisana. The attempt
to do this and to
declare Hayes President
would ruin the country

Western people say
we have no idea of
the feeling of determina-
tion there that this
usurpation never shd
be consummated.

We had the [Coll?] of
the troops. Col [Randile?]
and some other gentle-
men to dine yesterday.
Today we have the
Judges of the Supreme
Court. Every day a
few guests - so you
see we are busy in
various ways.

A huge basket of
flowers and fruits was
just sent us by some
ladies. I hope you
will have a good time
Thanksgiving with the
children and I am so sorry

[This text appears on the first page of the letter in the left hand column.] not to be with you. I hope Patrick behaves
well and
will look out
for things
while you
are gone. Tell him
that from

May God
bless you
all, my
dear Rose.
Affectly yrs
Leverett S.