Pittsburgh January 9th 1877

Dear Mr. Saltonstall,

I was glad again to hear from
you by your note of the 6th, and not at all
surprised to find that some of the hurt
people were wincing under the plain exposure
of their wrong-doing. There is no doubt but that
all that you said concerning them can be
fully substantiated by the people who know
all about the facts, in Alachua county. I do
not want to spare my copy of your statement
and therefore send you the printed letter of JW
Raymond which I would send to Gainesville
with one of your statements published in the
Boston Post, and request a statement from a
number of the citizens there as to the correct-
ness of your remarks. I give you these
names, all of Gainesville, Alachua County,

of men who ought to know and who ought to
speak. J. B. Dawkins and Thomas F. King
both former Circuit Judges of the State, R. T.
Taylor, lawyer, J. A. Carlisle, merchant, Col.
- Moore, Maj. - Elliott & Dr. L'Angle.
Write also, to Col. Wilkinson Call, Jacksonville,
Gen. Finley M. C., at Washington D.C., to Col. J. J.
Daniells, Jacksonville and to Governor Drew.

It is the duty of these men to sustain
what has been said on their authority, and
I have no doubt they promptly will. My
impression is also that the Congressional
Committee will touch up Captain Dennis'
doings with no light brush.

I have written to Judge Dawkins that
you would write to Gainesville for some facts
relative to Capt. Dennis and Col. Raymond,
and asking his promptest attention to the

matter. Col. Call would probably act prompty.

I share your rejoicing at Gov. Drew's
inauguration & unopposed entry upon his
office. There is now but one government in
Florida, & one voice to speak its will; and
I hope that by solemn Memorial to Congress,
also communicated, through the Executive, to
the various State legislatures now in session,
Florida will set forth the vote really cast &
that really returned, for Electors & Govenor at
the late election, & declare the persons who were
appointed, and protest against the counting or
recognition in any way of the votes of Humphries, Holden,
Long and Pearce, as the votes of Florida Electors.

They ought to do this, for their own sake, to
aid in the right direction of public sentiment, &
to give the Senator who may hesitate, something
definite upon which possibly to base their action.

Radical as this place is, I am satisfied
that the conviction is permeating the
community that Tilden was in truth
elected and ought to be so declared; and
there is almost an Eagerness that
Hampton & Nicholls should be quietly
allowed to have their own way and
exercise the offices to which they have
been elected. There is today much satis-
faction at the non interference in New
Orleans yesterday with United States
troops, tho' no man can foresee what Grant
may not do tomorrow. Surely in our time,
"Sufficient unto the day is the Evil thereof.

With the highest regards,
Yours Sincerely,

Malcolm Hay

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)] Leverett Saltonstall Esq.


Malcolm Hay
Jan. 9/77