532 5th Ave NY
Jan 13 '77

My dear Mr Saltonstall,

Since I last wrote
you we have pushed on Fla.'s
case considerably. Biddle &
Sellers came over Sunday
last & we spent the day in
devising & drafting bills etc
for Call. These have since
been perfected under advice
of ablest counsel & forwarded

But it's best not to disclose
these plans to the public - till
they are facts, judicial &

I hear from Call daily by
telegraph & all is going well.
From Paseo I have a letter
to night which sends kind
remembrance to you.

I suppose you saw that
Bloxham replaces McLin
and Rainey the muddleheaded

Will you believe me when I tell
you that Biddle & Sellers be-
wailed the fate of that uncircum-
cised Floridian. Sellers called
him Abdiel - No it was Biddle,
and Sellers tho't Ithuriel was
the better companion.

By the way I have reason to
think that you will soon have
from Washn the proof that I was
right in branding Zack Chandler

with that infamous despatch. Worse
ones than that may also be disclosed.

I am still a "sangwine" man

Faithfully Yours

Manton Marble

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