Mr Leverett Salstonstall

Jacksonville Jan 14 77

My dear sir

I am here for a
day only. Having been in
in Tallahassee for the
last 16 days inaugurating
the state gent - & trying
to get an Electoral vote
properly counted & certified
under "Quo warranto"
hence the delay in replying
to your letter.

Capt L G Dennis is all
that you stated him to
be & much more. & the
proof will be furnished

you & much more than will
be sufficient to satisfy
the unbearable men of the

Capt Dennis has recently
made a statement or
oath before the Senate
Committee which we
all know and will
prove to be a mass
tissue of lies and
perjuries. Indeed to
him & his kind
a false oath. is no
more than a [glance?]

He is an enemy to
public order to [?]
religion and morality
to the decencies of life
and a most consummate
hypocritt in his
professions of consideration
for the negro for whom
he has no sympathy and
also in his republicanism
The statements of this
Mr Rymond are simply
woeful and malicious

I shall have pleasure in
furnishing you the evidence
of these statements

To men like you representative
of the sterling virtue and
the [best?] civilization of
New England. We feel
that the South owes a debt
of gratitude which is not
overweighed by the infinite
demands of such men
as Dennis & Rymond
& their fellows.


Wilkinson Call