Gainesville Florida
Jany 27th 1877

To the Editor of the Boston Traveller

We are citizens of other
states than Florida, and having read
a letter written by J W Raymond and
published in your paper. We in
justice to the people of Alachua
County with whom we have become
acquainted and to those whom we
have Seen without becoming acquaint-
ted enter our Solemn protest against and
denial of the charges made in
Mr. Raymonds letter. To quote:-
"They have no more love or resp-
ect for the Union than they did in
1861; they have been too tenderly handled;
they have yet to learn to respect the
old Stars and Stripes, and I hope
they will be made to know their
place yet."

We are not in Florida on a
political mission, but for our
pleasure and , business comfort, and our
health, and have been thrown in
contact with the white people, and
know their every day Sentiment,
common expressions, and conduct.
aAnd we do most emphatically say
that we have yet to hear one word of
reproach one word of contempt or one word
word of disrespect, uttered agains
the "United States Flag". oOn a

tall pole in the Public Square
in the Town of Gainesville, floating
proudly at the its peak, are is the Stars Flag
and Stripes of our Country, around which the white
people gather with feelings of pride;
and we pronounce it a shameful
stigma and slander on the names
of these good people, to charge them
with deceit, and brand them as liars;
and he who arrogates to himself all
the love and respect for this
government, is Selfish; and to
threaten a proud people, like a kennel
of curs, that "they will be made know known
their place," is a reproach and disgrace
to the man who makes it.

We find the white people of All
classes with whom we have met,
polite, kind and hospitable, and
disposed to Show us every courtesy
and respect whatever our
politics may be; and we can
say to those who contemplate
coming to Florida, not to hesitate
because of any unfavorable
reports as regards the enmity
of Southerners toward Northerners
for political opinions.

Dr L. O. Ashmead Brooklyn New York.
J F Farrell Phila
[CWailer ?] Philada
A. Teller NY.
J E Spencer Brooklyn L.I. N.Y.
J P Flagler City of New York
M K Elmer New Jersey
C. Edward Rives New York
M M Gaston Salem, Ills
E A Starr Penfield Ohio
R R Starr Cleveland Ohio
R. M. Smith Hartford Connecticut
J. T. Smith " "
Josep Vider " "
J. S. Murray New York
H P Langly Lee New Hampshire
Geo H Sherman Providence R. I.
F S Robinson Philadelphia Pa
Byren Vickudge Norwich Connecticut
B. F. Millard Mt. Comfort Ind.
Geo W. Black Chicago Ills
Geo. S. Luci Wisconsin Chippewa Falls
John C Eastman New Britain Ct.
Austin [Duganne ?] Hartford, Ct.
William Bryant Brooklyn NY
J Wilde Iowa City Iowa
Geo Y Toliman Boston Mass.
R. CM. Crawford Travelling Agent "Florida
S. H. Saunders Providence R. I.

Wm. J. Davidson New York City
RW [Scarratt ?] Albany, N.Y.
Joseph W Coburn Boston Mass
Capt. Truman Doane formerly of Orleans Mass.

But now a neighbor of John W. Raymond
in Alachua County Fla