No. 1 Minutes of a Journal By
Isaac Bangs - began April 1 1776

Having been in the Service of the
united Colonies as a Lieut in Capt
Benjamin Godfrey's Company in Coln
Carys Regiment of Melitia, for about 2
Months, in which many glorious Achi=
-evements were performed, and great
Glory added to the Arms of the Ameri-
-cans, by the Expulsion of the Ministe-
rial Army from their Strong Holds in
Boston; & being unable to recollect ma-
in whwich according to my Station
I did my proportion of the fatiegueing
Duty which was requisite to perform the
Manoeuver which has braught an eter-
=nal Shame & Disgrace upon the British Arms, I
was fired with an Ardent Zeal to be far-
-ther instrumental in the Glorious Cause
in which America is now engaged, with
this View I entered Coln John Baileys
Regiment in Capt as a Lieut to Capt
Jacob Allen; and In some future Time it
may perhaps afford Pleasure to recollect
past Toils