American Army not Sufficient to main=
-tain the Lines and at the Same time to
act offensively upon the Enemy he
applied to the Colonies of New Hamsh
-ire Connecticut and Massachusets Bay
for a part of the Melitia of each Province
The Proportion required & voted by the
Assembly of this Province was 4,368 Men
Among these I inlisted about 30 of Jan [1776] and according
to the Inlisting Orders we proceeded to
chuse our Officers, & proceeded to Head Quarters, the Men which
constituted our Company were chiefly
from the Town of Chatham a very civil
Set of People with whom I lived very
Quietly; On our arrival at Roxbury
we found (by the Negligence of the Bar
=rack Master) that no Barracks were
provided for the Melitia, our Compa-
-ny turned in at Roxbury Street for
about 4 Days in old Houses & Cellars,
but as we could no longer Stand it thus
Barracked, & finding no Confid-
-ence could be put in their Promises for
better Barracks, we made complaint
to our Colonels and were by the Quarter
Master provided for in Houses in Dor
-chester, abot 4 Miles Distance, where
we continued 9 Days, during which