July 26 [1776]

I carried to an uninhabited House a Small
back room of which with much difficulty
I had obtained for them, & appointed
a Nurse from the Company---
I am still unwell with the Camp Dis=
-order, but I have it very lightly--
Called for guard tomorrow but excused
on acct of my illness---

27 [July 1776] Not being able for Guard I inspected the
Camp & Hospital-- Recd a Letter from
my Mother dated June 16 [1776]

28 Sunday. being unable to attend Serv=
-ice I tarried in Camp. A Number
of our Rowe Gallies went up the River

29 [July 1776] Rode to the City went on bd a Nan=
-tucket Vessell in which my Letter came
found that Prince Ghorham & Baker
by whom I had Sent a Letter to my
Brother had not gone as Bakers Vessel
was taken for a Fire Vessell. but as
they were going in this Vessell I let it
pass. after Spending considerable Time
very agreeably returnd. Visited Egerton
& Snell found them very ill---
by the Paper had the News of