Time great Preparations were mak=
-ing for Some new Enterprize Such as
Fashienes, Gaboureenes, Barracks ready
Framed, & boards cut, all immagined
that Dorchester Hill was the Object
of our Attention, this Hill is Scituate
Sout from Boston about a Mile & an
Half and by Nature Seemed formed
for the Command of Boston & not only So
but it commanded a place called Nook
Point, about Half way from that place
to Boston a most convenient place for
either Bombarding or Cannonading the Town of Boston,
Our Enemies had been long determined
to take possession of these Places as they
not only prevent our taking them, but
would also be an advantageous Scituation
for a Part of their Army -- The deep
Frost prevented our proceeding till
the Evening of the 4 of March [1776] when
about 21 Hundred men from Genls
Spencer's & Thomas Brigades (which
were both Stationed at Roxbury) all
things being prepared & previously
conveyed to the Causeway that leads
to the Neck on which the Hill Stands,
proceeded at about 8 o clock in the Evening