New York July 10. 1804

My Dear Sir

I have received two letters from you
since we last saw each other -- that of the latest date being
the 24 of May. I have had in hand for some
time a long letter to you, explaining my view of the
course and tendency of our Politics, and my intentions
as to my own future conduct. But my plan embraced
so large a range that owing to much avocation, some
indifferent health, and a growing distaste for
Politics, the letter is still considerably short of
being finished -- I write this now to satisfy you,
that want of regard for you has not been
the cause of my silence --

I will here express but one
sentiment, which is, that Dismembrement of our
Empire will be a clear sacrifice of great positive ad-
vantages, without any counterballancing good;
administering no relief to our real Disease; which
is Democracy, the poison of which by a subdivision
will only be the more concentrated in each part,
and consequently the more virulent.

King is on his way for
Boston where you may chance see him,
and hear from himself his sentiments --

God bless you

[Subscription (recipient's name at foot of page)]
T Sedgwick Esqr


& Judge Sedg
-- wick

July 10 1804
Mr. John Hamilton (the biographer
of his father) told me (CMS. [Catharine Maria Sedgwick] )
that this was the last
letter excepting a short one
to his mother which his
father wrote.

Hamilton was shot
the day after this letter
was written. H.D.S. [Henry Dwight Sedgwick ]

[Envelope and address information (not transcribed) also appear on this page.]