[The following text is printed as letterhead at the top of Birminghams' stationary:]

Study of
Rev. T. M. C. Birmingham
Lecturer on United States the chosen nation of God for leader-
ship under the New Testament and author of the only sermon Congress
ever ordered printed and made of it a public document. Prophetically
from a vision over a year before the war commenced--July 23, 1913--
he asserted it was coming, could not be settled by any European nation,
but this Great Republic was Providentially rasied up with fitness to
meet the crisis, and at the close, with a general disarming, bring about
Milford, Nebr.

[The handwritten letter begins here:]

May 17/23

Mrs. B. L. Robinson Pres Public Interest
League of Mass

My Dear Madam

I saw in a daily paper
printed in Omaha Neb a brief
report of an adress you recently
made in Phila Pa criticising
Bryn Mawr Wellesley and
some of the Womens Colleges
for propaganda destructive
to the home and church

I have long
been aware of this and that
it also exists even in some
theological schools. The notice
I saw was very brief. Just
a mere telegraphic report
but would like to come in
touch with you and your
League that might be of some
mutual helpfulness

In case your League
issues would like to get copies
Not only must we stamp out
radicalism but also get
the Scriptures into the Colleges
and particularly the Public
Schools is my opinion

Desiring to know
about you and your League
and with all good wishes

Yours in Christ
Thos. M. C Birmingham
Milford, Nebraska
[The right-hand side of the envelope has been torn off:]


Mrs B. L. Robinson
or some prominent member
Pres Public Interes [ . . . ]
League of Massachu [ . . . ]
Mas [ . . . ]

[The following text is written in pencil alongside the original address:]

Try 3 Clement Circle

[The following text is written vertically along the left hand side of the envelope:]

Thos. M. C. Birmingham
PM Boston If party
addressed does not
reside in your city
please at once forward
to her where she lives
or can be reached
and oblige