Haverill October 11 1778

Dear child,

I have the pleasure
of informing you that I received
your kind letter of the 10 of
augst with great pleasure
and rejoyed to hear you were
all well and that you and
the dear Littel Boys whent
throg your voyage and your
grate undertacking So well
and found So much kindness
and frendship from strengers
and that you had the pleasure
of seeing your Husband after
so Long absence I pray that
you may still enjoy your
health which is a grat blessing
and I which you ever other
blessing of Life and I hope
we shall in good time see one
another again which is
my sencear desire we are all
well and desire to be remember
to you Mis Harrod remembers
her kind Love to you She
has got a fine boy

pray dont mis anay opetuenty
of righting to me if it is
but ten Lines for you cant
but think but it must be a
grat pleasure to me to hea from
you I am glad to hear your
brother is well Give my kind
Love to him and your husband
and my dear littel Boys I
want to see them much

your friends are daly enquirig
after you and were glad to
hear from you

No more at present
but remain your Loving Mother
Mary Harrod