Hond. mother,

I have the Pleasure of in forming you
that I arived Safe at Rhode Island in as short a
time as I could expect & found Mrs. Leonard &
many other friends who treated me with that
kindness I had no reason to expect from strangers.
I remaind in this agreable Situation about
One week & then embarked for newyork the Voyage
was neither agreable nor disagreable but I found
Some friends on board who endeavored to make as
happy as thay could. after being three days an
as many nights on the Water I got safe to york
& found the friends Mr. Badger Recommended me to
who Received me kindly & did not omit Any Circumstance
to promote my happenness I Remaind in York about
ten days & then went to longisland to Visit Mr. Badgers friends.
that part of the Island which is distant from
York about 9 miles. this is perhaps one of the most
agreable places your Imagination can paint.

here I Remaind till Mr. Badger arivd from Philadelpphia
& nearly a month after. indeed I did not leave this agreable
Country till the 8 day of August. We are now settled in yorkcity
in a very Pleasant part of yorkcity & in as good a house
as I ever wish to enjoy. & have as great a plenty as the times
will any way admit. the Children are in good health & high
spirits & have stood the Voyage & journey much better then
could be expected. the City received considerable damage by fire
a few days before we moved into it & the day following an
accident happened by the Lightning Stricking a Sloop in
the harbour which set fire to the powder she had on board
& blew her up which alarmed the Inhabitants greatly &
did considerable Injury to the Roofs & Windows of the houses but
no Lives were lost. After having given you so particular an
Account of myself & Family since the time I left you I can
only add at this time my love Duty & Respect to all under
your Roof & to every friend you know I wish to bear in my
mind or thinks it Worth while to ask after me. give yourself
no pain or Uneasiness on my Account for be assured that
nothing distresses me at Present but absence from you & my
many other friends I left behind me but I hope time will
restore us to each other & enable us to enjoy once more the Sweets of Society & renew the affection that had so
long subsisted your Son Leverett is in good health &
resides at present on long Island he has often visited
us & is highly pleased to see me & the Children & was he
to write himself could say no more then what I have
written you: will therefore excuse him.

I have sent you the Copy of this before but am Doubtfull
of your Receving it. for that Reson Embrace this oportunity
of sending it again as I am Convinced it will give you
great satisfaction to hear the Particulars of my Voyage.

I should write to polly & a few other of my friends but
the [unc?] Uncertainty of their Receiving my Letters Prevents me.
I beg you to make yourself as easy as Possible on Leverett
account for be assured he is as happy as you Could Wish him
& very Genteely provided for. I hope to have an opertunity
soon to send you a few things Which I have been disappointed
in sending by one Mrs Trail a Lady I believe you know as
I was out of town when she left this place.

I can only add my best wishes to the Whole family am
With great respect your Dutyfull daughter,
Poly Badger

New York October 24 1778


We have not heard a word from you sence I left you.


From Mrs. Badger Oct. 24th New York


Mrs Mary Harrod
Boston or