Boston August 21, 1795

My Dear Sir,

Since I wrote you last my health is considerably mended
by means of what the Physicians call tonic medicine
& diet -- but especially the trotting horse & the cold bath --
The former part of the summer I was much "given to rid-
ing" -- my last excursion was to Lebanon in Connect:. to
collect the MSS & pamphlets of the late Gov Trumbull
which were given to the historical society by his heirs --
& I believe we will be able to give the public a rich
repast from them -- We expect some from Gov Hancock's
& when our old Patriot S. A.'s head is laid we hope to get
more -- There is nothing like having a good repository
& keeping a good look out, not waiting at home for
things to fall into the lap, but prowling about like a
wolf for the prey --

I have got the 3rd volume of the Collections for you & all
Numbers of the 2nd which you wanted -- but as to the
missing Numbers of the first I know not where to get
them unless they come to me by accident- I have found
one No 31 among my papers, which I have put up.

The collections are now printed quarterly & 4 Numbers
will contain as much as 12 when printed monthly. Saml
Hall is now our printer -- If you will have them yearly
or quarterly, send me word -- we hope soon to be able to en-
large the subscription -- at present the sale of copies does
not pay the expense of printing -- & it is hard that the
Society should work for the public & get themselves in
debt which is in fact the case.

I have given Mr. John Davis a letter to you, &
in addition to what I there say which is short I must tell
you that he is one of the best characters among all my
acquaintances, you will find him a man of sterling worth.
Should he bring his family to Phila you will gain
a most amiable woman & a set of engaging little ones
to the No of 5. I spent a week at his house in Plymouth
last May & was never more pleased in any family in
my life -- He wants me to introduce him to Dr. Rush
but I had rather not, I have had no correspondence
with him for near 2 years & do not wish to renew it --
I shall give him a letter to Dr. Barton.

I hope I shall not have to wait for you to have ano-
ther fit of the Gout before I hear from you again -- Pray
let my whole business with Dobson & Aitken be settled
as I requested in my last -- I have just the same im-
pression of the propriety of doing it which I had then.

Your books shall be returned excepting 3 or 4 which
I will leave with West. his accomodations are not
so large as he wishes.

Watt's 148 was rather overlooked than designedly
omitted. I had so many to collect from.

The Psalms are introduced into the public worship
in our church -- & in the Chh of Harvard in the County of Wor-
cester -- & I suppose will be in some other churches --

Mrs B joins me in love to Mrs Hazard -- I beg you to
mention my affectionate Regards to Cornelia &
tell her I hope her 3rd baby will be as pretty a
creature as she wrote me her 2nd was --

Your affectionate friend

Jere Belknap

I thank you for your Invitation to Phila
but believe I shall not see you there very soon
Should I journey again for health I know not whither it will be --

Ebenezer Hazard Esq
W Davis


Rev. Jm Bel [ . . . ]
Aug 21, 1795