HUZZA! for the brave Yankee boys
Who touch'd up John Bull on lake Erie
Who gave 'em a taste of our toys,
From the fleet of brave Commodore Perry.

They were not made of 'lasses but lead,
And good solid lumps of cold iron,
When they hit JOHNNY BULL in the head,
They gave him a pain that he'll die on.

Now the Niagara bore down,
To give 'em a bit of a whacking,
The Lawrence came up and wore round,
And set her nine pounders a cracking.

They soon felt the Scorpion's sting,
And likewise the Æriel's thunder,
The Porcupine give 'em a quill,
And made the Queen Charlotte knock under.

The Somers now gave 'em a touch,
And the Tygress she gave him a shock sir,
Which did not divert Johnny much,
For it put him in mind of the BOXER.

The Trip she was hammering away,
The Oris soon made 'em smell powder,
The brave Caledonia that day
Made her thunder grow louder and louder.

We gave 'em such tough yankee blows,
That soon they thought fit to surrender;
That day made 'em feel that their foes,
Were made in the masculine gender.

Poor Johnny was sick of the gripes,
From the pills that we gave them at ERIE,
And for fear of the stars and the stripes,
He struck to brave Commodore PERRY.

Now as for poor old Johnny Bull,
If we meet him on land or on Sea sir,
We'll give him a good belly full,
Of excellent gun powder tea sir.

Old England is fam'd for her perry and beer,
Which quickly bewilders the brain,
But such PERRY as she's taken here,
She never will wish for again.

Huzza! for our brave Yankee Tars,
Who pepper'd the British so merry,
Who fought for the stripes and the stars,
Under brave Commodore PERRY.

Printed by N. CLOVERLY, Milk-Street.