April 3

Dear Family,

Another very hasty scrawl.
We have commenced work
with a rush & as I seem to
have no headquarters & not
an instant to myself I have
not had time to write -- In
the last ten days I have slept
in 6 different places or else have
not slept at all, I have
transported refugees, carried
wounded, scrubbed, cooked, made

fires, done canteen work, & done
everything under unusual
conditions. It has been extremely
thrilling & I am sure I am
not likely to forget it all. You
need not worry about danger --
we are all equally safe in
this world & we might as
well be doing one thing as another.
I am careful not to take
risks and am not foolhardy. I
am too fond of my own skin
for any foolishness.

Love - Nora