Washington Sunday
May 27 3 P.m.

Dear pater,

I've only time
to send you a short
screed before riding the
day having slipped away.
nothing to tell you--
Sunday Aristarchi Bey came
to lunch & say good bye
& I photographed him as
a "dude" with a small
straw hat on his head - but
alas! it is not a success
& I fear will not print
I'm not skilled yet &
Henry which is so good
is really owing to Richardson.
Had our duty dinner Sunday
eveg- & it went off very
well. no society this week

now that we take our daily
ride late dining at 7 1/2
we see none of the people
who used to drop into tea.
Emily Beale to breakfast
Friday, thin & pale & none
of her old go- but it may
come back with health.
tonight Mr Bancroft, Mr &
Mrs Soley- & a Miss Morse
of Louisiana- clerk in
the Dept of Justice are to
drive here- Mr Bancroft
sent me a superb lot of
roses from his garden so
that I sent mine to
some one else. I've picked
four dozen yesterday & today
red pink & yellow &
shall have bushells this
next week or two- the
weather is perfect & we don't fix
any time for breaking up
a process we hate. thanks
for your invitation to the
dogs but they go now
by sea with Brent &
are in his care- have
you read Gen Hunphrey's
Virginia Campaign? he has
honored me by sending
me a copy as from him-
self- Henry was already
deep in it & found it
most interesting but very
hard reading. Humphreys
is very attractive- but since
his daughter's death four
years ago- they are never
seen in Society & he will
not even dine out. I
hope in your next letter I
shall hear that you've
broken ground for Richardson's
annex. I wish you'd have
it of cobble stones like Mr
Fred Ames' lodge- that is
fascinating. is there no chance
that some choice spirits will
hire the Fred Dexters. We want
a few middle aged pals
very much- the Wm Vaughan s
& we have'nt much in com-
mon- does he improve our
acquaintance? Develop a
few vices that is - Had a
kind note from Adie a few
days ago- She makes no
complaints at being kept
a prisoner & speaks of our
"dear doctor Cowles" is she
to stay there all summer?
love to Aunt Eunice- I hope
she will be in town till really
warm weather. Adios.