[The following verses appear below the engraving:]

America! see thy free born Sons advance.
And at thy Tyrant* point the threatn:g Lance!
Who with grim Horror, opes his Hell-like Jaws,
And MAGNA-CHARTA grasps between his Claws.
Lo Boston brave! unstain'd by Placemens Bribes
"Attacks the Monster and his venal Tribes."
See loyal HAMPDEN to his Country true,
Presents his Weapon to the odious Crew;

*Stamp Act

See 'fore him prostrate treacherous PYM doth fall
And A-Sejanus loud for Mercy call!
Whilst brave RHODE-ISLAND, & NEW YORK support,
HAMPDEN and FREEDOM, in their brave Effort:
Front to VIRGINIA, bold NEW-HAMPSHIRE stands,
All firmly sworn to shake off slavish Bands
And each united Province faithful joins
Against this Monster and his curst Designs

Mounted aloft perfidious H—k you see,
Scorn'd by his Country, fits the Rope & Tree;
This be the real Fate! A fittest Place
For Freedoms Foes a selfish scornful Race!
"Above behold where Spite & Envy Squirt,
Their Venom on the Heads they cannot hurt
But lo MINERVA with her Spear and shield"
Appears with Hopes to make the Harpies Yield

Engrav'd Printed & Sold by P Revere. BOSTON