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Wednesday 21 [October 1835]

[Two summary phrases appear in the left margin:] Hosea Ballou Assaulted [and]
Anti Slavery Excitement

The Rev'd Hosea Ballou was assaulted in Cornhill this morning
by John F Myers, a dry goods dealer in Washington St. who inflicted
a severe blow upon his face, which staggered him off the sidewalk:
Myers was apprehended, and a dirk found upon him: he was examined,
and in default of bail, committed. Our City was such a scene of
tumult & confusion this afternoon as has not been witnessed
before for many a year: the Female Anti Slavery Society announced
a meeting for this afternoon, and 2 or 3000 persons assembled in
front of 46 Washington St, expecting George Thompson would be
present: the mayer assured the populace he was out of the
City, when they cried for Garrison: the sign "Anti Slavery So-
ciety" was taken down, and torn into a thousand pieces: some
persons who unfortunately resembled Garrison, were roughly
handled: Garrison escaped by a back window, into a carpenter's
shop in Wilson's Lane, where for some time he lay concealed
under a heap of shavings, till one of the apprentices gave the
information where he was, when he was taken by the crowd
into State Street, with the avowed purpose of applying a coat of
tar & feathers: the Mayer assisted by a number of his friends,
came to his rescue, and as he was opposite the south door of the
City Hall, the Mayer made a rush, and was fortunate enough
to get him into City Hall: from one of the windows, he desired
the multitude to disperse, and soon after Garrison was
conducted to jail for safe keeping.

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