The Honorable Majr Genl Lincoln—


unwilling to be any way accessary to the
Shedding of Blood and Greatly Desirous of Restoring
Peace and Harmony to this Convulsed Commonwealth
We Propose that all the troops on the Part of
Government, be Disbanded immediately, and that all
and Every Person who has been acting or any way
Aiding or Assisting in any of the Late Risings of the People
May be Indemnified in their Persons and Properties untill
the Seting of the Next General Court takes place; and no Person
Be taken, Molested, or Injured, on Account of the above Sd Risings
of the People untill a fair opportunity Can be had for a hear-
ing in the Next General Court, Respecting the Matters of Complaints
of the People and that All matters Rest as they are on all Parts
until that time, and all the persons that have been taken on
the part of Government be Released without Punishment:
The Above Conditions to be made Sure by Proclamation
Issued by his Excellency the Governor, on Which Condition
The people now in arms in Defence of their Live and Liberties will
Quietly Return to their Respective habitations patiently
Waiting and hoping for a Constitutional Relief from the
Insupportable Burdens they now Labour under—

Wilbraham Jany. 25th 1787
pr order

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