South Boston, Mass. April 27 1891

My dear Dr. Ellis:

I want to thank you for
the money which you sent to Mr. Jackson
to help educate our little Tommy. It
makes me very happy to know that baby
Tom has so many kind Friends who will
love and protect him always. Mr Brooks
once told me that love was the most
beautiful thing in the world, and now
I am sure it is, for nothing but love
could brighten Tommy’s whole life.
I think we ought to love those who
are weak and helpless even more
tenderly than we do others who are
strong and beautiful. My heart has
been full of love for Tommy ever
since Mr. Brown wrote to me about

him last summer, and I was sure that
everybody would wish to help him if
only they knew his sad story. I have
read that there are lonesome and dis-
mal places in this great world, but
I cannot imagine anything so sad and
lonely as a little child’s heart who has
no loving mother to caress and care
for him. But we shall all be so good
and gentle with little Tommy that he
will think the world is full loving
mothers and patient fathers. I am
very sorry to tell you that teacher
and I were obliged to leave Tommy
last Friday, but his own teacher will
come to him on Monday. We all hope you
will tell Tommy’s story in your paper,
and ask the good people to help him.

Lovingly your little friend.
Helen Keller