Boston March 9 1770


Yesterday in the Forenoon the Select Men met in
Order to Consider what was Necessary to be done Relative to to proper
Council to be Appointed to Appear in behalf of the Relatives of the De-
ceased, the first was Murder'd by Richardson & Afterwards others
Capt. Preston & his Soldiers &c.

By a Vote of the Town You'l Observe they are to Pay the
Expense of Prosecution, of Consequence You will be by them Amply
Satisfied.     It is the Opinion of the Select Men, & also those
that are Suppos'd to be better Acquainted in Law Matters, that it
will not be in Character for the Town to Appear against the Crimi-
nals, but the Relatives of the Deceased, by whome & in whose Name
You are the Gentleman pitched Upon in their behalf, & against the
said Richardson & the Capt & Soldiers.     The Bearer Mr
Edwards now goes Express to desire You will be in Town the 17th
Inst: to wch: day our Court is Adjourn'd & Presume Richardson's
Case will be the first that will come on, the Capt: & Soldiers will
follow     The Evidences will be properly Arranged
and Ready against You come, but in Order for Your Government
(tho' none are allow'd to be given out but under Peculiar Circum-
stances) & to prepare Yourself for the Tryal have sent by the
Bearer a Printed Narrative of the Massacre, wth: abt: 80 Affidavits
Turn Over

Affidavits by Reading of which You will Enter into the Spirit of
the thing & be fully Posses'd of Substance and Facts, it may not
be amis hire to Observe that some how their has been great Defici-
ency in preparing Council in Time, Our Common Enemy's (You
know who they are) have Availd themselves of our Neglect, & have
Engag'd most or all the Lawyers in Town, however I'm glad it falls
to Your Lott to have an Opportunity of making an Eclat in so Popular
a Cause, I am for my own Part Convinced of Your Readiness at all
Times to Espouse your Countrys Cause, or that of Individuals, Who
have Suffered by the hands of the Execrable V     s & Professed Mur-
ders.     You will Please to give me a Line by the Bearer, the
day you may be Expected in Town if Agreeable. In the Interim

Your most Hble Servt
W Molineux

Robt Treat Payne Esq

Wm Molineux
March 9th 1770

Boston Massacre

Robt Treat Paine Esq

pd express
Mr Edwards