Boston 15th March 1770

My Dear Brother

I have not had the pleasure of hearing from you since
my letter by Miss Patty, was then in expectation of seeing you at Medfield
before this day, but the daily expectation of some men respecting the
Troops prevents me leaving the Town. The 29th are now all at the Castle
& the 14th are moving off. it is expected that the latter will be moved
to new York, others expect some new regulation will take place
in consequence of the late disturbance. You doubtless have many
of Various reports respecting the unhappy affairs in King Street. here
in Town we have the most positive asertions directly opposite so
that it is almost impossible to come at the truth. Poor Preston
will stand a very bad chance if his trial comes on speedily before
the Passions of people are a little Subsided, he is a man of very
Excellent character & from various circumstances I am at present of
opinion that he did not give orders for firing. the Court was
open'd yesterday, Judge Cushing is not able to attend & Goff so unwell
that his Physician say it's as much as his life he's worth to attend.
they had concluded upon an adjournment to June, but the Committee

for regulating & redressing grievances wasted upon the Court & pray'd
the adjournment musn't be to an early day and if the Judges were
not able to attend that Special Judges may be appointed, this
is quite new to have the Superior Court directed by persons
void of any legal authority, and they made an apology for so
abrupt a visit, but pleaded the necessity with humble Supplications
in Consequence of which the Court is adjourn'd to Wednesday
Next. The Popular party are now at their Zenith, and it is
unsafe saying a word against the Speeches or actions of any
of the Leaders.     Brother Billy & I got to Providence the
day they went from home Set out the next morning at 5 or 6
o'Clock with a good Strong fresh Horse from Norwich to assist them
so that Inspect to hear they got home Thursday night.     I spoke to
you about some Cider, if you have any very good to Spare
Shall take it as a favour done me if you will send two Barrels
to Brother Jos: Greene who depends upon me. our Cider turn
out very well, Hunt is bottleing off two Barrels to day.

My [Lucretia?] is well unites in Love to you & your

Your very affectionate Friend
& Brother
G Townsend

I have looking in the Dictionary to see
how to spell, & find the Juice of apples called
Sider or Cider, had Spelt it Syder.

The Revd. Mr. Townsend
In Medfield