Narraganset December the 8th. 1770

Dear Sir,

Hearing of your Oratorical Exhibition the last Week in
the Publick Courts at Boston, by Which You attracted closely
the Attention of your Audience Ciceronian like, & Increas'd
Your Fame, I Rejoyc'd as Your Well Wisher and Friend on this
News, And in hopes of your being Still in the Metropolis Caress'd
And Admired -- I Take the Liberty To address you in the
Most Respectful Manner.

And in the first Place, I Would Stir Up Your Pure Mind by Way
of Remembrance That Comees Debt isn't Yet Paid, Which you
was so kind as to Promise It Shoud be by the first of Last
September, -- Which Now Above three Months since has Revolv'd
Over Your Venerable head -- And the fourth Month Going Away
apace, Without So Much As Reaching My Territory With the Ecchoe
of your Melodious Notes, "That the fulfillment of Said Promise
is Near at hand."

If Comee has not been so Good As his Word, Intimidate him Boar
like (if the Most Lenient Measures Avail Not) Terrify
Him I say, into a Ready Compliance -- for it's high time That He
Awakes out of his Slumbers, And it's full time He Shoud be just
And Honest -- Because My Patience has been Even to forbearance
and Long Suffering -- And That Grossly Abused & Trampled on, Must
Bring on Such an Inveterate Offender & Transgressor Inevitable
Ruin. I Speak as Unto A Wise Man Judge Ye What I Say.
In the Next Place, More Serenely, Let Me Enquire after Your
Uxorial Connections At Home! How is the fair Partner of your
felicity, as to health &c And Her Beloved Father & Mother & Whole family.
In a Word & to Conclude all, Accept of my Best & Sincerest Wishes
for Your Mutual Wellfare & Prosperity: And May the Richest of Bless
-ings be your Portion in Conjugal Life & for Ever. So let Me be favour'd
With a Line.

And I Subscribe Yrs. affectionately,
S. Fayerweather

Robert Treat Paine Esqr:
To be forwarded pr favr. Mr Mumford

Saml. Fayerweather
Decr. 1770