[This document doesn't have a visible date. At one point someone wrote Dec. 2 1770? on the document, but the Robert Treat Paine editors assigned the date, 29 November 1770.]

[29 November 1770]

Gillespy swore to this Effect -- that he was at Sylvesters Tavern at the South End
& that in going there he met diverse Clusters of the Inhabitants armed &c.
This is designed to prejudice the Character of the Inhabitants
being the Aggressors
Notes - Mr Robert Pierpont & Edward Crafts had both been
knocked down by the Soldiers at the South End that Evening

One of the Witnesses for the crown swore that one of the the Soldiers Gun
at the Left flushd in the pan. it was also sworn that one of the Soldiers
followed a Boy with his Gun. Is it not likely that this was
the same Soldier whose pan flushd, he being the Left of the

One of the prisoners Witnesses swore (I think it was Hewes)
that five of six young Lads attempted to get the Legs of
the Butchers Stalls. Would not any person at such a time
who was without a Weapon of Defense have done the same

The Lusty Gentleman with a red Cloak mentioned by the Scotch
Evi Witnesses, might as probably have advisd the people to have
calld the Main Guard to quell the Soldiers of Murray s Barracks
& more so if he was a Gentleman, than that he have advisd them to
attack the Main Guard. here is an artful Insinuation that
at least one person of figure was a principal Aggressor

If the Evidence is to be confind to the Action in Kingstreet
did not the Centinel begin the Quarrell by attacking Piemont
the Barbors Boy, who did not Speak to the Centinel, till he attacked him.

Mr Quincy made a flourish about the Narrative, that the
Evidences were taken without giving them an Opportunity of cross
examining — Note Coll Dalrymple was notified

Coll Marshall swears that he did not go out as a fireward, at the
Cry of fire because he had been told that the Soldiers intended to


If Eight Men agree to do an unlawful Act, & one of
them kill, are not all of them principals.

Have not the Inhabitants as good right to walk the Streets
armd, as the Soldiers have especially after Eight o'Clock

Mr Knight swore that he heard an Inhabitant say, Damn
them, let us go & send the Main Guard to Hell first.     This
was after it was known that the Soldiers, had abusd many
persons, & there was an Apprehension among the People that
they designd a general Massacre.

Yr humble Servt

If the Prisoners Council bring on new Matter, I mean
Evidence to prove that the Inhabitants were the Aggressors
& consequently that the Soldiers were not, Should not the
Council for the Crown have the Liberty to produce Evidence
to invalidate theirs, by making it appear that the Conduct
of the Inhabitants was the Effect of a just Apprehension
founded upon the prior Conduct of the Soldiers

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Saml Adams


Robert Treat Paine Esqr