THE foregoing, is not offered the ignorant, the
rude, or the prejudiced, but the intelligent, the civil,
and ingenious, and we are confident that this Class of
the Community are agreeably entertained. As it was not
our design to give specimens of the Retrospect, (the
title of our Author's Performance) we were induced to
omit many fine passages that were not altogether im-
pertinent, left we might have transgressed our intenti-
on ; we believe, however, that sufficient hath been
shewn to excite the curiosity of the inquisitive and
sensible, and to engage their wishes with ours, that
Mr. ——— would honour the literary name of his
Country, and lay the foundation of that praise he so
fairly deserves, by completing and publishing the
very valuable Composition, whence, (without his
knowledge) we have ventured to take the aforecited