The Fruits of Arbitrary Power

Perpetated in King-street, Boston, by a Party of the XXIXth Regt.
In which Mess. Sam. Gray, Sam. Maverick, James Caldwell, Crispus Attucks, Patrick Carr, were killed.
Six others were wounded, two of them [Christopher Monk and John Clark] mortally.

How long shall they [u ]tter and speak hard
things? and all the Workers of Iniquity
boast themselves? [T ]hey break in pieces
thy People, O Lo [rd], and afflict thine
Heritage.     Ps. xciv 4, 5. Unhappy Boston! see thy Sons deplore,
Thy hallow'd walks besmear'd with guiltless Gore:
While faithless PRESTON, and his savage Bands,
With murd'rous Rancour stretch their bloody
Like fierce Barbarians grinning o'er their Prey,
Approve the Carnage and enjoy the Day.
If scalding Drops, from Rage, from Anguish
If speechless Sorrows, lab'ring for a Tongue, Or if a weeping World can aught appease
The plaintive Ghosts of Victims such as these;
The Patriot's copious Tear for each are shed,
A glorious Tribute which embalms the dead
But know, Fate summons to that awful Goal,
Where Justice strips the Murd'rer of his Soul:
Should venal Court, the scandal of the Land,
Snatch the relentless Villain from her Hand,
Keen Execrations on this Plate inscrib'd
Shall reach a Judge who never can be brib'd. They slay the Widow and the Stranger,
and murder the Fatherless. Yet, they
say, The Lord shall not see: N [e ]ither
shall the God of Jacob regard it.
Ps. xciv. 6, [7]

Printed for and sold by W. BINGLEY, in Newgate-Street, Price 6 d.